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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Review: Jake Me by Sabrina Stark book 2 in Jaked

Wow again, much like in book 1 it is Sabrina Stark's unique and slightly screwy viewpoint that makes this book work. Her writing is so easy to read and how she grabs you and makes you hang on is what makes a great contemporary romance writer.

Now after book 1 we were left with a ton of unanswered questions and yes all of them get answered in book 2 but so much happens in the book we as readers aren't sure what we care about most...getting the questions answered or smacking Luna around for being a naive fool...with TSTL tendencies. Luckily it was Jake who made this book. The reader watched him grow and mature in this book. Yes, he is still all protective and alpha but more of his background and thinking are revealed and we see why he has become the man he is. I grew to love him more and more but the more I loved him the more I wanted to shoot Luna myself. She really came across as immature and soooo stupid ...the hotel scene is a great example of her being TSTL. I mean really! I'm afraid her character did make this book lose a star....
On the positive side her brothers had me rolling on the floor laughing they were a total hoot! I would love to read their story some day.

I enjoyed the feel of the mafia about the book and the intrigue that kept the reader hanging in there to see how it would all end. I'm really curious now as to the other books Sabrina Stark has published and I know I will go back and read them. Her voice is quirky and enjoyable. I give this book a 4 star review and a recommendation. If you are looking for a different read and just get lost in a story this would be a great book for you to spend a day or two reading. You will end up smiling I guarantee it!

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