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Monday, January 11, 2016

Review: Burned by Darkness by Alexandra Ivy Book 1 in Dragons of Eternity

Alexandra Ivy was one of the authors I binged on when I found myself back to reading PNR novels and I adored her Guardians of Eternity novels so when I saw she had a new series out on Netgalley I just had to request it and luckily they gave me a copy in exchange for an honest review.

If you love Guardians of Eternity you will adore Dragons of Eternity. They style of writing and plot set up is pretty similar in both novels plus you see crossover characters since DoE is a spin off series. That all being said you don't *have* to read GoE to enjoy DoE. The book starts off a bit confusing, I was feeling like I had missed something but kept reading and after a couple of chapters it made sense or the most part, by the ending everything made sense.

One of AI's strengths is her character creations. She has a way with quirky weird characters and through humour and adventure she makes them loveable and completely engages the readers, we care what happens to them and want them to have their HEA. In book one of this new series it is no different. Baine our hero is a dragon lord who is one of the most condescending, alpha, arrogant males in PNR in a LONG time but ohhhh so incredibly sexy! I mean totally *HOT* and *Hawt* ...read the book you will find out what I mean:) Tayla is a fae, an imp to be precise and she is on the run.... won't go into the plot too much but I will let you know Levitt is in the story and up to his old tricks again....loving on the women and irritating the hell outta the men:) ...I adore him.

I enjoyed the story line immensely it started out moving fast and kept at it. We meet villains and then more villains. We see a bit of the dragon hierarchy and learn some of there abilities. As always in a first novel there is much world building and character introduction to get through but I thought AI did a great job of it. Usually the first book in a series is the weakest, if this is true we are in for a heck of a ride as we meet more of the Dragons of Eternity. I love Guardians of Eternity and I can't wait for cameo appearances of some of my favourites in the those novels.

I rate this a dazzling 4 stars and a recommendation for those looking for a light PNR with romance and sizzling hawt sex (hotter then GoE), an adventure with bad guys and good guys and dragons we don't know where they fit in yet then this is a novel for you. A great beach read for summer of 2015 or a wonderful way to spend a rainy, stormy day curled with a blanket and a glass of wine:)

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  1. Sounds yummy! I'm there! Thanks for a great review, T. xxoo