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Monday, June 17, 2013


t'irla ~The BookSlayer~'s review Jun 17, 13  ·

Far from home who'd a thought a once in a lifetime love could happen...at a hockey rink???


Callum Walker is feeling listless in his life in London. When his job takes him to Canada to install communications software for a new sports arena, he’s glad for a change of scenery.

During his stay, he befriends Noah Lukas, the strikingly handsome star player of the Toronto Bobcats professional hockey team. Callum knows nothing will ever come of it, but he can’t stop his attraction. As their bond grows, Callum learns more about—and falls more for—Noah through his sensitive and humble interactions with fans, his gentlemanly reaction to flirtations from arena staff, and his frank apprehension over his impending retirement. Their friendship evolves from workout partners to confidants, and then to even more. But Callum’s time in Canada is limited, and circumstances may divide him from a love he wasn’t looking for.

*Given to me for an Honest review from the author*

My Thoughts:

I wasn't sure when the author offered me this book to review..especially when I saw a hockey player on the front. The umm exposed body parts did attract me so..I said what the heck. I am so glad I accepted. The is a wonderful book with the sweetest love story. It is a m/m novel but pretty mild with the steam but don't let that put you off. The characters were written beautifully and the reader connected with them immediately and cared about them. The minor characters as well you went from feeling sorry for them but that soon turns to scorn I won't get into too much as I don't want to spoiler it for you.

The plot started out a bit slow but soon warmed up and you fell into the story. I truly loved he characters and their love story. I knew something was strange with his Toronto work site but how the author twisted and turned the story you really weren't sure what was going on until the end.  Also touching on how public personalities especially sports figures just can't come out of the closet if they are gay but addresses this is a tasteful way and resolves it in such a positive manner.  I would recommend this to both those who love M/M romances and M/F romances..a sweet romance to me is not based on gender but on the love shared.

I am giving this novel a 4.5 bear rating and a high recommendation. Do yourself a favor don't miss reading Noah! Ben Ryder can't wait to read more of your stories, your writing is beautiful..

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Once Upon a Darkness by Aria Kane is available from Entranced Publishing
 June 17!

Gretchen and her twin brother, Hank, were abandoned to a zombie horde when they were five years old. Intended to be a sacrifice by their zealot parents, they were instead rescued by The Company. Raised to become soldiers in the war against zombies, they now provide safe passage through danger zones, one contract at a time.
Clint's only skill is war, but he's weary of killing other men. When his contract with the Marines runs out, he takes a job on Gretchen's team, hoping that the search-and-rescue life will suit him better.
On Clint's second day, their four-man team is attacked, drugged, and taken to a prison full of frightened civilians. The only way in or out is by helicopter and, here, their enemies are human. One by one, the captives are culled from the holding area.  Rumors say the facility director uses the prisoners as experimental subjects for the testing of a zombie cure.
When Hank is taken, Clint and Gretchen must put aside their personal feelings and find a way out of the prison, surrounded by thousands of starving zombies, before Hank becomes just one more disposable guinea pig in the hands of a twisted mad woman.

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About the Author:

Aria Kane is a recovering mechanical engineer and romance writer. She lives in sunny Florida with a 60 lb mutt who thinks he's a Chihuahua. You can learn more about her at  ariakane.com or on Twitter @aria_kane.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Hers To Command

Read from June 08 to 12, 2013

This is a hellva ride. Romance, suspense, intrigue, space ships and royalty...and 2 HAWT!!!! Heroes for the Princess, oh did I mention this is an Erotic Romance?


For some, existence without their mate might seem like the end of their world--for the members of Verdantia’s Tetriarch, it would be.

Love triangles often create disastrous relationships, but the unlikely members of the Tetriarch face worldwide disaster without the successful bonding of their trio.The inhabitants of the sentient planet, Verdantia, are poised on the precipice of extinction following a brutal invasion by an off-world, nomadic horde. Verdantia’s capital, Sylvan Mintoth, must have its failing energy shield restored, or the planet is doomed. The Elders know the shield can draw energy from only one thing—a very arduous and grueling coupling of two specific people who were pre-chosen by the planet Herself and promised by prearranged marriage contract.

Conte Camliel Aristos deTano, Ari, has long spurned the marriage forced upon him. His contractual bride, Princess Fleur Constante, is the beautiful future queen. She was but six years old when the contract was signed. Though young and inexperienced, she is willing to risk everything, including her own sanity, to save her planet.

Verdantia draws strength from the duo, but the sentient planet whispers to Ari that a third is necessary – Ari’s aide de camp, Visconte Doral deLorion, an angelically handsome, skilled assassin who silently surrendered his heart to Ari long ago.

The trio struggles to make this surprising partnership harmonious, pushing through pride, scars of past abuse, fears of inexperience and distrust. To save Verdantia, they must overcome their individual weaknesses and realize their full potential.

Only the tetriarch and their combined synergy, can harness Verdantia’s immense power to shield its citizens from invasion.

*I was given this book by the Author for an Honest review*

My Thoughts:

Books with a sci-fi feel are not my normal reading fare however when I read the blurb it intrigued me and I thought I'd give it a shot. I am so glad I was adventurous! The novel started out with a prologue which was a bit dry but so very necessary to the story and I recommend that you don't skip it. PAK created an interesting world where king and queens rule the world and others hold arms against invaders . The world is Verdantia and the current ruler is Fleur. I will only scratch over the details because I think knowing too much will spoiler the book. I will tell you this land has been invaded and the planet council who is supposed to help our planet out of it's situation condemned it and left it open for invasion.

This is where our heroes come in Ari is in charge of the Military and Doral is his second. PAK creation of these characters was perfect Ari, Doral and Fleur all had fully rounded characters and the reader has an instant connection with them. The plot takes them through personal combats and off world threats. It offered us angst on several different levels but the angst was not whiny it was more a growing and coming of age for the character. The plot, characters and world are all based on an Erotic Romance between the three heroes and the planet. Oh, did I mention this is a menage MMF book?

This is my first book by Patricia A Knight and I am so glad she asked me to read it. I am not sure I would have picked it up myself..I probably would have read space ships and ran in the other direction. If this had happened I would have missed an Erotic but sweet romantic story with a good strong plot and a very enjoyable read.

I rate this book 4.5 stars and look forward to reading more of her books
Thanks for the opportunity Patricia. I give this the t'irla 4 bear recommendation:)

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Entwined with You

Read on June 05, 2013

Another emotional whirlwind from Sylvia Day! After dropping off a bit in book 2 Sylvia Day makes a huge come back in Entiwined with You!!


The worldwide phenomenon continues as Eva and Gideon face the demons of their pasts, and accept the consequences of their obsessive desires…

From the moment I first met Gideon Cross, I recognized something in him that I needed. Something I couldn’t resist. I saw the dangerous and damaged soul inside–so much like my own. I was drawn to it. I needed him as surely as I needed my heart to beat.

No one knows how much he risked for me. How much I’d been threatened, or just how dark and desperate the shadow of our pasts would become.

Entwined by our secrets, we tried to defy the odds. We made our own rules and surrendered completely to the exquisite power of possession…

My Thoughts:

I unlike some others I actually did like book two, it showed how our characters grew and started defining themselves as a couple. Yes it was full of heartbreak and uncertainty but it did put us in the perfect mindset for Entwined.

We start this book off with our characters dealing with the death of Nathan and worried about the ongoing investigation. Eva's Mom gets more into her business and of course Corrine is a shadow over the couple reuniting. These are all givens and I don't want to go into detail about what happened because you really do need to read the book to ascertain what is going on. I will say that no one creates a plot-line like Sylvia Day with her ups and happiness and her drastic downs and questioning feelings. So much happens in the book that you just can't put it down. I tried saying to myself that I would stop at the next chapter, then said one more...til finally at 3:45am I finished the book.

Then I gnashed my teeth, cursed and threatened to kick my ereader out of bed. It is seems this trilogy continues and that there will be a fourth book. I can see how SD was going to end the series but she has extended the plot and is taking us on Gideon and Eva's journey and has already foreshadowed events that are going to happen in the next novel. I had to wonder if the publisher's got to SD and "encouraged" her to keep writing them since they are so popular and making them a bunch of money. Did Sylvia sell out or will the writing of a fourth novel give us even more pleasure than finishing it at book 3.

I guess we will need to wait another year to find out. I have given this novel a 4.5 Bears rating and hope that all those who gave up after book 2 gets swayed into giving book 3 a try. Things are good but still the outside interference hampers their every decision. Looking forward to book 4 and hoping it will be the last book focusing on these two lovebirds.

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Monday, June 3, 2013

Blinding Justice

Jun 03, 13
Recommended for: Lovers of Suspense with a dash of Romance
Read from May 30 to June 01, 2013

Pull a sweet cowboy out of his comfort zone mix a pretty city police detective on the lam and you have the makings of a great suspense with a bit of romance to heat things up.


but he is gunning for her. Literally. Now a prostitute is dead, and she is the prime suspect with the law hot on her heels. With nowhere to run and no one to trust, Mitzi’s only hope lies in the hands of a sexy stranger.

Blue Thomas is a stranger in Denver. The bright lights and big city bustle are 250 miles and a world away from his family’s cattle ranch in Kansas, and he is out of his element. He came to find work and save the ranch from foreclosure, but on a rainy night a desperate woman finds him. Back home, he would never let anyone—especially a woman—face danger alone. Without fully understanding what he is in for, Blue pledges his help, whether she wants it or not.

As a trap closes around them, Mitzi must abandon her usual strategy of careful planning and situation management, instead relying on quick thinking and a bold, head-on approach that may just get her—and Blue—killed. Before the last bullet flies, Blue will find out just how far he is willing to go to live up to his old-school ideals of gallant chivalry.

**I was given this book by the author for an honest review**

My Thoughts:

To me this book was all about the characters, Blue is just the sweetest cowboy ever! So masculine, yet in a way innocent but alpha in a laid back way. I loved him as soon as I heard his name. A gentle giant of a guy and such a gentleman. He was so easy to connect with and get inside his head. I have to confess he was my favorite part of the book. I am also intrigued with his little bit of Kansas and I would love to read more about that area with Blue and Mitzi as reappearing characters. Series Kristi?? *grin* Mitzi took me longer to warm up to. I found her very self absorbed and self centered, that being said I know she was running for her life. For a detective I just thought she would be more aware of how her situation would impact others. However, when I reached just over the 50% mark I started warming up to her. I think it was when she started to warm up to Blue. Yes there is a bit of a theme here *Laugh*

I did feel that the book was more suspense than romance possibly because it didn't really warm up until the last 20% of the book. Don't get me wrong I love suspense reads so this worked for me. However the plot of this book was not based around the romance nor was the romance integral to the plot but a bit of spice that just kicked it up a notch. For myself if I had known it was a was a suspense book I think I would have gone into the book with that in mind. I was told it was a romantic Suspense so I kept waiting for the romance...and waiting....and waiting. Yes there was a bit of flirting but you find that in a lot of suspense books too.

I give this book a 3.5 bear rating. As I indicated I think it would have been a 4 bear if I had gone into reading it with more of a suspense than a romance mindset. I am looking forward to reading more Kristi Cramer books she has a real feel for moving the plot forward quickly and creating characters, yes like Blue, who are sweet and lovable and very much a bookboyfriend:)

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