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Dabbling is writing is something I have tried this year, Better late than never:)  So On this Page I will be posting a few of my stories.  Please feel free to critique them but be kinda I'm a very very new writer and have a fragile ego. LOL...any help welcome!

This probably needs some editing but it is my first attempt.  I hope you enjoy

The Open Road

"I can't believe it" I say out loud to nobody since I'm in the middle of nowhere. I walk around to the back of my car and kick the tire. Ok, ok I admit I'm having a bit of a temper tantrum but wouldn't you if your new car just broke down in the middle of nowhere. Heavy sigh, I decide the best thing to do is go look for my cell phone I remember tossing it in the back seat earlier. Yes, again in a bit of a temper. You, my girlfriends all thought this trip was stupid. Alone, driving thousands of miles to go meet friends I have only talked to online. But hey, a girl needs to take chances in this life or she just stagnates, plus I love these girls. Looking around I try to find a mile marker to see if AAA knows where I am and where the nearest service center would be...bending over the front seat of my brand new red mustang convertible with my butt in the air I reach for the phone which of course fell right to the floor in the back seat. "What else can go wrong" I mumble to myself. Feeling a bit of a cool breeze I remember I was wearing my new short skirt in red of course to match my car. I remember my mom saying a girl should always match unless fashion dictates differently. I tug down my skirt in the back hoping it covers my red matching panties. Ok maybe I took my mom too literally. "Got it" I exclaim loudly, then look around remembering I'm alone and there for talking to myself. I hear a car in the distance and am unsure if I want them to stop or keep going. My mind runs to headlines, "Girl snatched off side of road found in a ditch 3 miles away" or "Do not wave anyone one down at side of road we have a felon on the loose from Folsom Prison, .Armed and dangerous". Ok, I admit, I am a bit of a drama queen with an over active imagination. 

A squeal of brakes indicates that the truck is slowing down..hrm I say to myself a knight of the highway? ‘Gentleman drivers’ isn't that what semi drivers are called? Finally stopping several feet behind my shiny red beauty, the truck comes to a halt. I still debated with myself, should I lock myself in my car or run or what. Then I figured by the time I got the convertible top up he would already be upon me. I walk to the furthest point away from the truck and squint into the sun to see if I can see the driver, hoping for a sweet lil ole man or even a woman. The door to the truck opens and I hear the thunk of boots hitting the road. The door is blocking my view and I twist trying to see around it from the distance. Off to my left I hear something rustling in weeds and let out a squeal and quickly shift myself to the road side of the car. Forgetting about the truck driver I try to see what is in the weeds and moving around. Lost in my musing I almost jumped outta my skin when a deep husky voice says, "its probably just a mouse or ground hog darlin" Quickly turning to see where that yummy voice was coming from, I turn right into a flannel clad chest. Looking up and up and up I finally had to take a step back to see his face. My mind goes blank, and I stand there with my mouth open just staring. "Close your mouth hon you might catch a fly" the husky voiced man teased. Clearing my throat and attempting to talk, and I say attempting because all that came out was a squeak. The Adonis in front of me frowned "did you hit your head? are you hurt? I thought it was just a break down but I can take you to a hospital if you need one" Blushing fiercely, I again attempt to clear my throat and in a high voice replied, " umm..er..umm...no I'm ok" "I'm gonna pop your hood darlin so I can see whats going on" Giving him a nod I mutter to myself, "you can look under my hood anytime" "Scuse me? he asks were you talking to me?" My face is now flaming, "hrrrm no...I didn't say anything" The stranger turns back to the engine and this allows me time to get a closer look at my rescuer. He is tall, well anyone is tall next to me I'm only 5' tall but this guy is basketball tall, maybe 6'4 or 6'5 but his build is that of a full back. I frown to myself wondering what it is with the sports metaphors since I don't watch sports. Shrugging to myself I continue my perusal of the scenery currently bent over my car offing me a long look at this tight end...AcK doing it again. I give myself a shake, then continue trying to get a look at this Adonis. Tall, Big, all muscle by the look of his fore arms and thighs. Um.. those thighs are encased in soft, worn blue jeans, washed so many times they are almost white. He is wearing a white t'shirt under his flannel shirt. Moving my eyes upward I see his hair is cropped tightly to his head and a couple days growth of beard. And the softest looking lips I have ever seen, and his eyes, I have never seen green eyes so deep before, they were almost the colour of an angry sea. Uh..Eyes! Yikes!, he is looking at me. "Like what you see?" he asks his voice full of laughter. Nervously I stutter, "Can you tell what is wrong with my car? It is brand new I have only had it about a week" "I'm not sure" he replies " but if you want, I live about a mile up the highway and have a full garage on my property. I would be happy to take a look" I look at him nervously and don't say anything. My mind is racing back to those headlines but now they are saying, "Girl picked up on side of road, found beaten and raped" or the ever popular "girl locked in basement for years being sex slave to handsome trucker". I give my head a shake and start to answer him, but he interrupts me before I can speak. "I know you don't know me from Adam darling, but my people are from around here..Every farm, store and gas station is owned by one of my relatives. Heck even the Pastor of our local church is my first cousin" he paused then continued speaking when I didn't say anything. "Let’s introduce ourselves OK? I'm Jamie Stanhope, as you can see from my truck I own Stanhope trucking. If you look on your map you will see the town 10 miles up the road is called Stanhope. My relatives settled here in the 1800s" I nod my head and go over what he said, I'm a little ruffled and not thing quickly. "And you are?" he asks. "ooohh sorry I'm Dana Cole, I'm just on a vacation to meet up with some friends up north, they are expecting me. In fact I should really call them and let them know where I ‘m at" I know my friends are not really expecting me since I didn't give them a time frame. I don’t' know this guy so it is important that he think I'm expected somewhere...see not as ditzy are you thought eh? "Well are you coming darlin I haven't got all day" I can tell he is getting impatient. How will we get my car to your house? "My brother lives up the way, he has a tow on his truck and can pick it up and bring it over" I nod and he takes that as an agreement. "let’s go I'll give you a boost into the truck" All of a sudden I feel rushed, "do you have somewhere you need to be?" I ask. "No darlin, I'm just hungry been on the road all day and I’m not used to it anymore" I move over to the truck and look up at the door," how the hell am I gonna get up there" I murmur. "do you have a foot stool Mr Stanhope?" A guffaw fills the air and he holds his sides laughing. I stand up a bit straighter and look down my nose, as best as I can when I'm 5' and he is a good foot and half taller than me. In a snooty voice I demand, "what is so funny?" "Damn, girl you are" he is now chuckling. "What would i need a foot stool for in a truck?" "comon I'll boost you up, I'm starving" He grabs my waist and lifts me up to the side board where I try to grab on to something to hoist myself up into the seat. Next thing I know I feel two hands on my butt pushing me. Gasping, "Do you mind!!" He gave my butt a squeeze then lets me finish getting myself into the truck. I feel myself simmer at his familiarity. "I am a good southern girl and you touching my behind is not something I appreciate" I growl. Jamie chooses to ignore me and starts the truck and grabs his cell phone. He puts it on speaker phone so he can use both hands on the wheel and I hear ring ring. Finally a pick up and a voice so deep it is almost hard to hear. "Where are you, you sumabitch? I've been waiting at your place for half hour to help you unload that truck" Jamie replied "sorry Liam, I stopped to help a damsel in distress" Liam guffawed loudly, "is that what they are calling it now?" I think I see a tinge of red creeping up Jamie's face. "No seriously, I have her right here and her car is about 10 miles south of the homestead, wonderin if you could pick it up and bring it to my place I told her I would have a look at it" Still chuckling Liam snickered " I'm sure you will have a look at it..Wink wink nudge nudge" "Liam" Jamie shouted. "What??" he replied "Let me introduce Miss Dana Cole since you are on speaker phone and she can hear every word you’re sayin" "oops..ummm nice to meet you Ma'am I'm sorry about that, I was just funin my little bro there" "Hi Liam nice to meet you too, I really appreciate you going to the trouble of picking up my car. Jamie said he would see if he can fix it so I can be on my way" "I'll head out now sweetheart" " Jamie my boy, see you in 15" the phone clicked off and Jamie just shook his head and said "yup that’s my big bro" then sighed "sorry about that, he was dropped on his head as a child" Laughing "I have brothers myself I understand" As we were talking Jamie pulled his truck up beside the house and turned it off. "Let just go in and I can grab a bite and change into something more appropriate for working on a car. Make yourself at home" I took him at his word and started exploring his house. Umm..ok looks kinda masculine, eyeing the solid wood furniture carved from tree trunks and plaid couch. I look around for pictures but don't see any. "I hope your wife doesn't mind me being here. I don't want to put anyone out" I shout towards where I think the kitchen is. He emerges from that direction with 2 paper plates and two cans of coke. "I made a sandwich for you too, Hope you like ham?" Taking the plate from him I smile "thank you I haven't eaten since this morning" Pointing at the couch he suggests I take a seat. I put the plate on the coffee table and plop down on the couch. Picking it back up I take a huge bite and say with my mouth full "did you say your wife won't mind?" Jamie shakes his head, "Dana, didn't you learn not to talk with your mouth full and that nosy little girls will get their nose snipped off" 

 Open Road Part 2

I look at him with big eyes and flutter my eyelashes at him" why I declare I don't know what you mean sirrah" Laughing he says "can the scarlet O’Hara imitation Dana. If you want to know if I am married just ask me." "Why do you think I want to know that" I answer. "Well you have hinted about it twice now so figured you wanted to know" "are you married Dana" he asked. Ack! damn whats good for the goose is good for the gander I guess "Divorced a while now...soooo are you married?"He smiled, and I melted it was the first time I had actually seen him smile and he was gorgeous. His white teeth shone and his whole face changed. He replied "nope, had a live in for a while a few years back but it didn't work out and we went our separate ways"
I grinned at him and he grinned back at me then we both relaxed. He was obviously feeling the same chemistry I was and I loved it...It has been a while since I have seen anyone and maybe my dry spell will end if I play my cards right. I give him a killer smile and he just chuckles and stands. Liam should be here any minute, so I want to go get changed so I can start on your car. Can I get you anything before I leave?" I shake my head and he took a different hall and I heard the door shut. Sitting back on the couch I hug myself and try to wipe the drool from my chin. I can't believe this hawt! hunk of man might be interested in little ole me" I wanna whoop out loud but remembered I was a lady and that would not be appropriate so did a little happy dance inside. I hear a door slam and see Liam come in from the kitchen area, I’m assuming it is Liam anyway. This big bear of a man with shaggy brown hair, twinkling eyes and a drop cloth in his hand, said,  "Hi you must be Dana?" I nod "And you must be Liam" He grins" yup sorry about the phone earlier if I knew he had it on speaker phone I might have been more discrete  I quirk an eyebrow "really?" I ask doubtfully. He laughs, "No..not really I probably would have said the same thing" I join his laughter. "Let me take you out to the garage where you can see your sweet car" Taking my arm he yells up the other hall, " Taking Dana to the Garage Jamie, meet you there" Liam took me threw a night bright kitchen and out a back door that leads to a big red barn. "This is Jamie's garage...he converted the old barn, that way he can keep his cab in there and his cars" "cars?" I ask. "You will see" He opened the double door and my mouth dropped it looked like the garage a NASCAR driver would have...clean, shining and totally modern. I saw my cherry red mustang over by a large purple cab for a truck. "Wow, this place is amazing" I told Liam. A cell phone rang and Liam pulled it out of his pocket. I heard him greet who was ever there then listen. His face became animated and he nodded listening more. He said good bye and grabbed a jacket that I didn't even notice was there. "I gotta go honey-bunch  Jamie will be out soon. My wife called and it seems the baby is kicking" He ran out of the barn before I could ask him any questions. I poked around the garage a bit waiting. Several minutes later I heard foot steps and looked up. I immediately froze where I was a wave of heat spreading through out my body. Jamie was dressed in mechanic's coveralls. The zipper was only drawn up to just under his belly button and he wasn't wearing a shirt under it...only skin. I took a large gulp trying to lubricate my suddenly dry throat. I have never seen anything so sexy in all my life. Muscles rippling across his chest, his 6 pack was an 8 pack, he was beautiful. Jamie caught my eye and smiled at me. My stomach quivered and I felt my panties getting damp. Jamie walked over to my car and once again looked under the hood. I went and sat in a chair just to his right near the truck so I could watch. It was like watching a ballet, his every move graceful and glided into the next. I sat there fantasizing and getting more and more uncomfortable. Jamie his head still in the car said, "I dunno Dana darlin for this being a new car I think you need to take it to a ford dealer. I can phone the one in Stanhope for you but with this being a holiday weekend everything closes up. I frowned trying to figure what my next move should be. Jamie interrupted my thoughts, " Lose the frown gorgeous you can stay here and first thing Tuesday we will phone the dealership and get this taken care of...I'll mention it to Uncle Stan when I see him at the party later in the weekend." He smiled. In a daze, "I don't know what to say..are you sure?" He wiped his hand over his forehead and down his chest causing streaks of grease to mark his perfection. He moved closer to me and murmured  oh darlin I haven't been so sure of anything else in my life as I am asking you to stay." I blushed and looked down at my feet. Jamie prowled closer to the point where I was nose to chest with him. He reached down and grabbed me around the waist and lifted me onto the chair I was sitting on. He then pulled me closer and we were lip to lip..he was kissing me before I knew it. His soft wonderful lips moving sensuously over mine. His tongue licking at the seem of my lips asking to be let in. I shivered and opened for him. His tongue darted in as if I would take back the invitation if he didn't hurry. His strong tongue slide against my teeth and danced with my tongue to a rhythm all it's own. My hand which was resting on his chest moved higher over his shoulder and caressed his nape and back. I ran my hand over the stubble on his head. It was so soft. He hands moved to my bottom and pulled me even closer. He grabbed my hand lowered to his waist then below. As he pressed it to a iron hard erection he murmured  " see how much I want you darlin" I whimpered and started to move my hand up and down over the fabric of the coverall. I heard him inhale sharply and I smiled to myself. I moved my hand up then slid it inside the open of his cover all and lowered the zipper even more so I could reach down and wrap my hand around the soft skin covering the hardness of his arousal. It was at that point I noticed he had no pants under his coverall and was completely commando. "Pretty sure of me weren't you?" I whisper in his ear. "just hoping darlin" His arms wrapped around me and lifted me against him my feet dangling...I wrapped my legs around his narrow waist and locked my ankles. My sex pressed against his huge arousal. I whimpered more and rubbed myself against him. 

 The Open Road Finale 

Jamie leaned down and whispered in my ear in a husky voice that was a little short of breath." have you ever done it in a truck cab before Dana?" At a loss for words, I just shake my head. I admit I did wonder at the time what could be so different about a truck cab. With me still wrapped around his waist and his muscles slightly tense I of course took advantage and ran my hands down his hard stomach and up to his pecs..so hard, so beautiful. I have to admit the streak of grease was really turning me on even more. His dark stubble on his chin...his stubble of a hair cut..a bit of dirt on his face ..he looked like a one of the bad boys my mama told me to stay away from. Jamie stretched and opened the door to the cab and as if I wasn't clinging to him he pulled himself up and over the drivers seat. I didn't realize how much room there really was in these things. As he turned to get a light I noticed a double size bed, a tv, cupboards, a radio and other various straps and stuff that I didn't know what they were supposed to be for. Jamie lowered me to the bed and he fell to his knees between my thighs and kissed me, his hands cupping my breast, his thumbs flicking over my budded nipples. I let out a cry and he growled in response. I once again slid my hand down in to his coveralls and lowered the zipper all the way. I grasped his cock and squeezing I pumped slowly, my thumb running over the tiny slit in the tip and my forefinger sliding down the underside. A muffled groan filled the cab and Jamie reached down and grabbed my hand. "Baby if you don't stop right now, I will embarrass myself and when I lose I prefer to be inside you feeling your hot silk walls clamping against me and milking me dry." I moaned at his words anxious for that to happen and squeak out"Now..I want that now! Please don't make me wait..I need you." "mmmm I love to hear you beg Dana, so sexy it makes me want to hear more" Running his hands under my tshirt he slipped it up and over my head discarding towards the front somewhere. My bra followed my shirt and then he moved lower to my jeans. He did make a pit stop at my breast so he could lick and suck my nipples and try to force my whole breast into his mouth and suck. It felt wonderful. As I was distracted with this he slid me out of my jeans and panties. He shrugged out of the top of his coveralls they were just hanging low on his hips barely on. Exposing that amazing body to me. I wanted to lick every inch of it but he had over plans. His tongue worked its way down over my belly around my navel,dipping in and out several times as if he was fucking it with his tongue. All I could do was moan, and squeal. Once done there he moved lower licking my bare pussy. When he touched it with his tongue I could feel his surprise and against my skin he mumbled, "what a gift" then got caught up licking my outer lips and lapping the cream that had dribbled down my thighs. I was shaking by this point. I have never wanted a man so much in my life. His tongue swept down over my pucker and licked. I froze in shock no one had ever done that to me before. He tongue stayed there a while Licking and forcing into to the channel and out as if he was fucking my butt with his tongue. I screamed and he moved. "No No please, I need more I'm almost there" He gave me a mischievous grin and moved his tongue to my opening and licked it dry sticking his tongue so deep his lips met the skin and he kissed it...the feeling was insane. I started writhing back and forth and begging for him to make me cum. Then very very slowly he drew his tongue out and flicked it over my clit. I fell apart immediately. Shattering and leaving a thousand pieces of me all over. I was panting so hard I thought I would never breath again. I saw stars and then darkness. Before I could collect myself I heard a wrapper being torn and the glad of latex over skin. Swinging me around and lifting my legs to the ceiling he told me to brace my feet against the roof and not to move them. I was basically folded in half and in one deep stroke he entered me and I shattered again my head tossing and in the distance I hear a scream...it took a while before I realized it was me scream and I buried my mouth in his should so I could muffle the sound. He started to slowly move in and out of me..it was tortured  I tried to move my legs and he gripped my ankles and told me to keep them there. Leaning back on his heels he started to stroke faster, deeper his balls slapping against my ass. Moving his hips to the right slightly to change the angle he started short thrusts hitting that magic g spot. I started to gasp again and clenched around him tight. He groaned loudly and fell down over me his hands by my head and he pumped into me so hard. I was lost I could think as I hovered on the edge. I started to sob and he asked me what was the matter. I couldn't verbalize what I needed. With a half smile he reached between us and whispered" its ok darlin we are going to heaven together this time". then he pinched my clit hard and that was it...I was gone. He stiffened and gave a shout slamming into me faster and faster and then he stopped. He grabbed my ankles and lowered my legs until they were wrapped around him, resting his weigh on his forearms he leaned down and kissed me sweetly. His eyes looked dazed and shadowed, an exact duplicate of mine. When I could find my words I whispered," Wow...just wow". He gave me a cheeky grin and nodded "That was amazing"..Then in his deep husky voice he said, "I don't know if a weekend will be enough" My eyes grew big and my eyebrows rose in question. "Dana I'm due some vacation, how do you feel about a companion on your trip? Someone used to the open road? 


  1. Omg, this is awesome. I am still learning how to use Blogger, sad I didn't see this sooner!Do you plan on writing more like this?

    1. Thanks, I have a couple of others...and the first chapter of a novel I have been dabbling with....I'll post another of my stories in the next few days and you can tell me what you think:)