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Guidelines for Review or Beta Requests

Review/Beta Request Guidelines

Hi, If you are interested in having your books reviewed by me or having me beta read a book I have created a set of guidelines to help you ascertain if I am the person for you.

1. My Genre is Romance and my sub genres are Contemporary Romance, Paranormal Romance, New Adult, Romantic Suspense, Erotic Romance. (My absolute no's are Young Adult and Historical Romance.) I also enjoy Urban Fantasy if there is a romance with a HEA somewhere in series. 

2. The novel must be over 150 pages.  I tend not to enjoy short stories or novellas unless they are connected to an on going series and used for character development or to move the story forward. 

3. Must have a "happily ever after" 

4.  I prefer no cheating unless it happens before the couple are actually together.  

5. If the book is part of a series it should be a stand along or book 1. I don't enjoy jumping in when I don't know what is going on.  

6. If a cliffhanger I need to know up front or I end up tossing my tablet across the room ...the I can't afford the cost of repairs :) 

7. The heat level of the book should be 3 or more.

8. Ménage and M/M ok but no F/F please

Beta Reading.  I read for content,continuity, emotional connections and story flow.  I only check grammar or spelling if it interrupts the flow of the story.  Email me with what you are looking for and we can discuss. 

**I enjoy discovering new authors they can be indie or traditionally published.Please email your requests to tirlastalk@gmail.com. Please include a blurb of your novel so I can decide if I will enjoy your style of writing and or the novel.  I will respond ONLY if I choose to review your novel so if you don't get a email back I'm not being rude but I have only so much time in a day and have home responsibilities as well.  **

Thank you for the honour of considering me for review or beta your baby...know I respect your work and will handle it with care but I will be honest. 

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