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Book Boyfriends

My Christian Grey
Armi Hammer is PERFECT!

My Bones
Jim Caviezel sooo hawt!

My Vlad
Oded Fehr *fans herself*

I have read soooo many HAWT! books lately with M/M/F menage with the added bonus of them being TWINS!!!  So I went looking for swoon worthy Twins:)

January 19 2013
Just came across a cache of pictures that to me look like some of our favorite vampires from our treasured PNR books.   Who do you think they all look like?  I'll number them and you can put your Vamp's name on them.. Most votes and I'll put the name up beside the pic:)

February 16, 2013
This is Bunny from 

Bear Necessities (Halle Shifters Book 1)
by Dana Marie Bell


  1. ODED!!!!!! Covert Affairs just so I can see him. Our tastes are scarily the same, T. JC is perfect as Bones! Sigh...we shall fight over them forever, won't we, T. Sigh. Okey Dokey! LOL