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Monday, January 18, 2016

Always by Shyla Colt Book1 Wesson Rebels MC Series

Recommended to t'irla ~The Bookslayer~ by: netgalley
Recommended for: no recommendation
Read from March 19 to 23, 2015 — I own a copy, read count: 1

This is a new to me author from the blurb the booked looked really interesting so I did request it from Netgalley and was given it for an honest review. 

I have to start by saying I usually don't baulk to much at editing issues because when I am deeply engrossed in a story my mind usually corrects them and I keep going. However, there were sooooo many issues with this novel, incorrect words, spelling mistakes, words used incorrectly and we won't even get into the grammar issues. I need to suggest to the publish/author that an editor, beta readers or both give the novel a read and correct the issues before publishing. If I had paid for this novel I would have returned it because there was just too many to be acceptable. 

Second thing is, how many POV are too many...this book is an example of trying to tell the story from too many angles and they tend to confuse the reader. There was as many as 4 POV in 1 chapter it was kinda crazy. 

Now for more personal issues, I didn't realize the book was a MFFM menage...I didn't mind but was just surprised when the brothers shared their partners. This is my bad cause I would not have picked it had I known...I don't mind MMF or even MMM but just don't really read FF of any sort. Second personal thing was that he book was a cliffhanger which I despise. 

Now the good stuff. The story is interesting ...the first one where a generation of biker kids all hang out and connect...like the premise. I like the crazy bad boy hero in biker romances and I liked the juxtaposition of the softer more caring brother and the twist that happens in the last 1/4 of the book. There is so much potential for this to be a rock'n biker story but unfortunately the writing and above mentioned issues just didn't get it there. 

I have to give the book a 2 star rating based on the premise but I just can't recommend it when there are so many excellent biker novels to spend your hard earned money on.

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