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Friday, January 8, 2016

Review: Insider by Olivia Cunning Book One Exodus End

I admit I'm a Olivia Cunning fan, I consider her the Queen of Erotic Rockstar Romance and I have been waiting *forever* for this book ok ok just 2 years but still the teasers about this band that were in "Sinners on Tour" made me anxious to read the story of Exodus End. I admit that it is Dare Mills that grabbed my heart however, I was definitely ready to open my heart to the other band members.

In book one of this much awaited series we have Logan the band's bassist's story. I adored Logan, the resident boy-man, man-whore, comic of the group. His dirty mouth matched his talent on the bass. Logan was living the rockstar life doing what he wanted to who he wanted and was pretty happy with that life and with himself. The rest of the band seemed to be maturing around him but Logan just stuck to his teenage boy ways. His potty humour just killed me I found myself laughing out loud at his antics and dirty mouth. He was everything I adore in the sidekicks of most books. Fortunately, Olivia Cunning doesn't do sidekicks she tells everyone's story as long as they are a member of the band.

Toni, our heroine was a sheltered virgin who grew up with a controlling mother and became the caretaker of her disabled sister. (Downs Syndrome) She is 25 and lives isolated on an island with little interaction with others of her age. I think most of the reason I didn't give this book a 5 star rating is because of how incredibly naive Olivia Cunning wrote this character. In today's day and age of TV, computer games, magazines and the internet it is impossible for anyone to stay so over the top naive. She is unworldly yes, has no experience yes but not aware of the happening of a rock band on tour ...she would have had to be living under a rock. I understand that her V-card became an albatross around her neck but hopping into bed with the first rockstar she met was a bit too unbelievable. The second night maybe after spending a bit of time...but not within an hour of meeting him, just doesn't add up for me. What I did love about Toni was her quirky, out of nowhere sense of humour she had me in stitches and I loved how she took the others off guard.

I did find the over all story a bit too predictable but with the quality of writing and the wit used it was still very engaging. The novel was also very long at 500 pages but I never at any point found it dragging or looked to see how much was left. I was totally immersed in the characters and story. Over all it was fast paced, a quick easy read, funny, sexy, quirky. The oddball match up that OC is so great at coupled with the outstanding dialogue that is her trademark made the book entertaining. I particularly loved Logan's dirty mouth...he could take anything and give it a sexual twist...I have heard some of those lines since my brothers were sixteen.

For me Logan's transformation was the best, watching him fight his feeling, deny his feelings and finally give in to his feelings was great to watch. We did see some changes in Toni but I though they might have been a bit more...daring....but I kinda of felt that Toni's story is not quite over..I sense that we may see more of her in future books and be able to observe more changes as she and Logan travel to Europe together. I also hope OC touches Logan's "I'm only a bassist" remarks that thread was not tied up in this book and I would like to see him feel more included and necessary.

Insider offers you everything you would expect in an Olivia Cunning book, hawt sex, great characters and a fun time. Reading her previous series "Sinners on Tour" is not mandatory but I personally think you would get more out of the book/series if you do read it first. I would like to thanks the publisher through Netgalley for advancing me this novel in exchange for an honest review. I give this novel a 4 golden treble clef rating and a recommendation to Erotic Romance readers who love Rockstar love stories as much as I do. Another great summer of 2015 vacation read!

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