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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Review: Servicing the Target by Cherise Sinclair Book 10 in the Masters of the Shadowland Series

It is difficult to find an author that never lets you down but Cherise Sinclair IS that author. You get exactly what you expect but *more* with each novel. In a series that starts out explaining gently about BSDM she seems to touch on so many issues that face women today and shows how strong supported woman over come these issues and thrive. I love it. In this novel we have MCs who are a bit older and have lived a hazardous life in one way or another and have become comfortable in who they are but still feel there is something missing.

I would like to thank Cherise Sinclair for giving me this novel in exchange for an honest review.

I won't go into the specifics of the novel because I feel you as readers should be as entertained as I was while reading it. I will say the first part might seem a bit slow to some but I really appreciated that it wasn't insta love/lust but a slow build up and some interaction that starts this attraction off and just takes off from there. CS shows that love is ageless, it is flexible and adaptable you just have to be willing to open yourself up to the feeling it reveals.

I particularly liked that Anne was a Domme. I don't usually enjoy books where the female is in control but I knew that CS would find a way of keeping my male MC as alpha as possible and she sure does Ben is everything I love in an alpha male and more, the fact that he can submit in the bedroom makes him even more attractive but this is the open discussion that CS encourages in all her novels that lead them to their ending.

The ending was a tad rushed for me and that is what caused this to be a 4 star read instead of a 5 star. I loved seeing all the other couples from the "Masters" series and seeing how they are growing together...and I can't wait for the next novel by Cherise Sinclair because I know whatever it is it is going to be marvellous! *waves her fan girl flag for CS*

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