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Tuesday, March 19, 2013


t'irla ~The BookSlayer~'s review Mar 18, 13   Re Rated May 22/13: See Bottom Note!
3 of 5 stars

Recommended for: those who want something a bit different in PNR

Refreshing change from the normal PNR romance, fast paced story with wonderful protagonists!


Since she was a child, Chloe has endured horrible nightmares about a Native American prince living in a time long forgotten. She never understood why, until she finds a stone that matches the one in her dreams. It has unimaginable powers, powers Chloe doesn't understand. Fueled by memories of someone else’s past, she sets off on a wild quest for the stone’s birth place, hoping to also find answers to her foreboding dreams.

On the outside, Mason Green looks like a hard working, self-made millionaire, with too busy a life for romance. Very few people know the real reason for his self-imposed seclusion. It’s safer that way. But when a sexy historian shows him a supernatural stone from a forgotten tribe, Mason is intrigued - maybe the relic is the salvation he’s been waiting for. Ignoring the irrational attraction that threatens to crack the cask around his heart, Mason agrees to help Chloe.

As their wild quest becomes a dangerous mission, they must find the relic’s birthplace before Mason’s past catches up to them.

My Thoughts:

**This book was given to me by the author for an honest review***

A refreshing story using Native American folklore in a contemporary setting with paranormal elements tossed it. I really enjoyed the premise of the book and overall it was a quick and easy read. The characters were well written and were easy to connect with and warm up to. I loved how the story entwined the present with aspects of the past using Native American mythology and a strong creative mind. The story line was fascinating and there was never a dull moment. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.

Unfortunately, there is some pretty major editing issues that almost made me put the book down. This novel would have received a much higher rating and I strongly recommend to the author to please have the book re-edited as the errors really drop you out of the story and it impedes the enjoyment of the book. The other issue I had was the use of British terms by supposed American characters set in America, they just didn't make sense and once again the reader drops out of the story because of it.

I have given this story a rating of 3 stars, if the re edit happens and the phraseology corrected I would be happy to revisit this rating because the story does deserve a much higher rating.

Keep a watch for this great read, I hope Ella Phoenix re-edits because this book is sure to be a hit.


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  1. Hi t'irla!
    Thank you for your review and feedback.
    I thought you'd be glad to hear that I had my novel re-edited. The second edition is now available on Amazon.com.
    Thanks again for all your support and great blog.

    Ella J Phoenix

    1. Ella I'm totally excited on the re-edit!!! I wish you well..and know this book will do great!!

      Looking forward to reading more books by you:)