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Saturday, March 16, 2013

It's the Weather....really!

Hi Everyone, I know it has been a bit since I wrote more than a review.  I had surgery recently and things were a bit out of control but all is going well and I'm recuperating nicely. I thought during this time I would have a ton of time to read but I read nothing in my 4 days in the hospital and for a couple days back home.  Reading takes a bit of concentration and I just wasn't concentrating on anything but me and sleep.

Ok, so I"m ready to read I pull out my ereader..both of them ..cause you can't have too many ereaders LOL and start to go thru the books on it...Mr Crankypants my dear hubby yelled upstairs at me "Whats wrong", I had no idea what he meant but explained all he could hear from the bedroom was deep sighs.  I turned to my Calibre library knowing I must have something that would catch my eye and trigger the must read gene that all avid readers have.  I looked thru pages and pages of books...and nothing, however I decided to work on my calibre and got some book in that I hadn't been and discovered and played with some of the new features.  Bedtime came along..or rather sleep time for me and I really like to read before bed, it takes me out of my head and lets me get lost in someone else's life.  I still had nothing to read...I have to laugh, nothing to read..it is like saying there is nothing on tv even though you have hundreds of channels.

Now I have been hearing on GR for months friends complaining that they are in a slump and are tired of their beloved books.   Suggestions flew as to how to overcome the slump, change genres, reread old favorites, try a new genre you have never read before etc. Sometimes this worked for my dear GR friends, and sometimes it didn't but after a couple days of tv it seemed that everyone found something to read.  So I decided ok, I'd watch some tv and that was fun but I have never been one to just watch tv I usually did a word puzzle or something at the same time cause the stories usually don't consume all of my attention.  I didn't have puzzle books so after a day I was ready to read, but what?? I have recommendations from those I trust but they didn't grab me.  What is wrong with me...knee replacement couldn't have damaged my reading gene.

So I asked myself, what is different and the only thing I could think of is the weather.  Freezing cold temperatures one day and a couple days later temperatures have melted the snow and it was much warmer.  Since fall these temperatures have been up and down from -12C to +15C all in the same week.  So I decided that it is the weather that is wreaking havoc with my reading gene.  So what do I do about it...hrmm.. I open a window..yup  lets let that weather in and commune with it, let the cold air wrap around me as I snuggle under my downfilled duvet with only the top of my head peaking out and fingers wrapped around my ereader I go forth to forage for a book.  *sigh* well that worked a bit...I'm interested..but decisions decisions what to read.  I went back to my Calibre and picked a number  and that was the book I was going to read and it worked.  I have been doing that for a couple weeks now and it has lead me to series , short stories and books I had put off reading for one reason or another.

So coming up in the next wee bit you will find some reviews on here that might seem to be coming quick, I was doing well reviewing after I read the books but I didn't get them to my blog so coming up ...

"What did you do on your Winter Vacation" aka "reading while stuck in bed recovering" or simply  "THE REVIEWS"

I would love to hear from any of you if you have read the books and if you agree or disagree with my reviews I love hearing people's takes on the same book we are all so different.

Thanks to all of you out there for being patient with me...I'm doing well and up for half days and walking better than I did before surgery.  I will be more than ready for June for knee surgery 1.2 ...remember I'll be dancing by fall :)

Wishing you all happy reading!

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