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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Twice Tempted

t'irla ~The BookSlayer~'s review Mar 28, 2013
5 of 5 stars
Recommended for: Everyone...Don't miss this great book

Major fangirl SQUEEEEE best follow up novel eva!!! This book has more twists than a mountain road, more steam than a boiling teakettle and a carnival of emotions that will make you wish that glass of wine you are drinking had automatic refills!


Dating the Prince of Darkness has its challenges...

Leila's psychic abilities have been failing her, and now she isn't sure what the future holds. If that weren't enough, her lover, Vlad, has been acting distant. Though Leila is a mere mortal, she's also a modern woman who refuses to accept the cold shoulder treatment forever–especially from the darkly handsome vampire who still won't admit that he loves her.

Like choosing between eternal love and a loveless eternity...

Soon circumstances send Leila back to the carnival circuit, where tragedy strikes. And when she finds herself in the crosshairs of a killer who may be closer than she realizes, Leila must decide who to trust– the fiery vampire who arouses her passions like no other or the tortured knight who longs to be more than a friend? With danger stalking her every step of the way, all it takes is one wrong move to damn her for eternity.

My Thoughts:

Make no mistake Jeaniene Frost is my favorite author, she can do what many author's wish they could do...write a bestseller *every* time. Her reads are always "hang on to your hat" fast paced. Her characters are always people you wish you knew or felt you did know. Her love stories are never simple but also not so drawn out you want to kill yourself over the angst. Her books are also so easy to read that once you start a book you have to read it until the end without taking a break.

I started TT at 10:30am the morning of it's release and finished it at 4pm. Then started and read it all over again. Vlad much like Bones is a strong Alpha Vampire but unlike Bones he really never shows his soft side. He keeps his emotions bottled up inside and that is what makes this book so special, he unveils his emotions a drop at a time. Leila is your typical human woman who wants instant gratification and isn't going to wait around in case it never happens. The novel has wonderful highs and tragic lows where you can't help but cry with the characters. Your heart is in your throat through most of the book. We also got to seem more of Vlad's emotions and personality in this book. He is slowly opening up and sharing with Leila.

I have heard people compare Vlad to Bones and Leila to Cat (if you don't know what I'm talking about you MUST read Night Huntress Series) and to be honest I don't see the connections Vlad is very self controlled, he keeps tight reign on his emotions and feels everyone one if his responsibilities he is in no way "fun" or "lighthearted". He also doesn't have the mischievous streak that Bones loves to showoff. Leila is very human and very much a strong mental character, Cat is physically strong and kickass. They compliment each other but I would not compare them and find them similar.

I do love how JF has characters from the NH series have cameos in this series and that the connection is still there.

It was wonderful to see that we will be getting a 3rd book in this series but wishing JF would write faster cause the wait in between books is killing me !!

A 5 Shiny gold stars from me and a recommendation. If you don't buy or read any other new release this spring you must not miss Twice Tempted. Now go....run...and remember to rate and review it when you are done we want to read your opinion of this fantastic novel.

1 comment:

  1. I loved this book with a passion reserved only for my first and last BBF - Vlad the Impaler. Vlad Basarab Dracul. Vlad Tsepesh. Now, specifically, for J. Frost's version of the one and only. No one else has caught Vlad's near psychopathic nature and still made him a man to swoon over.

    Not once did JF cop out and make him an, "Aw, shucks, little lady. All that impaling is just a front to scare people. I'm really a sweetie at heart." Gah! Vlad is a ruthless killer when poked. Forget that at your peril. Marty put it the best when he said that Vlad survived all the horrors of his past by becoming worse than the enemies who perpetrated those horrors.

    Yet - and this is why I love him - Vlad is honorable. He never lies. He protects his own, and ruthlessly punishes those that hurt or betray him or his without a second thought. This is not your typical Alpha male. Love him as he is or go home.

    As far as Leila is concerned, she is a worthy mate for Vlad. She is the heart he will never fully have and it makes for a most interesting dynamic between the two. The fact that she can be repulsed by what he's done - what he continues to do - yet still love him makes this a love story like no other. JF - write faster! And thank you for giving me my Dracula. (Sorry, Vlad)