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Monday, October 19, 2015

Review: Mine by Stacey Kennedy Book 7 and the final book of the Club Sin Series

In a series with started with "Claimed" the story of Dmitri and Presley it seems fitting that it also ends with this dynamic couple. Yes, this is the conclusion to the Club Sin series. We have read 7 books now and "Mine" has done a fantastic job of tying all the loose ends together giving us a very satisfactory finale. We also get to meet the main characters of Stacey Kennedy's new spin off series "Dungeon's Key". Thanks to Netgalley for allowing me to read this ARC early in exchange for an honest review.

Mine is a novella that takes up the story 2 years after "Claimed" Presley and Dmitri have become a loving BDSM couple but in "Mine" this connection is challenged when Presley's past rears up and threatens Club Sin. Dmitri in a typical male bonehead move focuses on fixing what broke instead of communicating with Presley and put the relationship in jeopardy. We get fantastic looks at the couples in the 5 books and see where they are in their relationships. We also find out where the balance of Club Sin's Masters will be spending the future.

I totally enjoyed this novella I"m so happy that SK took all the loose ends of the entire series plots and subplots and tied them up nicely. There is closure for the reader which allows us to look forward the new series that will be coming up in the future. I loved seeing Stacey Kennedy's writing mature and get more polished as the series continued, she got so much better at building the characters and making them easy for the reader to relate to and care about. Her Dom's were all good stern alphas that made the reader wiggle in her chair when the steam started to hit boiling point.

A great ending to a great series that I totally recommend to all of you who love Cherise Sinclair and would like that same feeling of characters and relationships being the main focus and BDSM just a vehicle in the relationships. A bright shiny 4 stars for MINE and a *must* read for Fall of 2015. Thanks for the hours of steamy reading Stacey Kennedy can't wait to see what you will get upto next!

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