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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Review: Vice by Rosanna Leo

Rosanna Leo once again steps out of her PNR zone to write us a thought provoking, steamy contemporary romance that touches on sensitive topics and leaves us with the HEA we all crave!

Vice is a very different contemporary romance and in some ways it really has 3 main characters. We have our fabulously rich, alpha male, hero with BDSM tendencies Liam. Our rising from the ashes, Gamb-non type group leader with a sassy mouth and submissive tendencies Kate and we have Gambling and addiction the reason behind everything in the story. This gives this CR a very serious twist but does RL leave it at that ...nope she also has Kate be an epileptic and touches on this sensitive topic as well.

The sex in this novel is hawt!, dirty with elements of BDSM but this is not a BDSM love story it just happens to be a kink they both share. I don't want to get into the storyline much as to not to spoil the story but I will point out a couple a things. I really loved how our characters started as antagonists and the sassy mouth Kate had on her in the beginning was wonderful...I loved her.. and loved the conflict I just wish it hadn't been over so soon as it did give the "instalove" feel. I would have loved to see that spicey connection simmer longer and the sexy banter work more of it's way into the story....There was so much chemistry between the two of them the pages needed to smolder a bit longer:) . I also found that Kate got a bit "preachy" with her anti gambling sediments, it got a bit repetitive and I think when learning her story the point was made succinctly. I however did love that after the connection we had our couple confront aspects of themselves and acknowledge the need to grow to find themselves in a successful place. Bravo to RL for the twists that took us through.

This is a very sexy novel with sex being a big constant in the relationship and no one writes hawter and fresher sex scenes than our beloved Rosanna Leo. They were off the scale!! and I love that we find each of these scenes had a reason! Fantastic writing!!

Another great outing for Rosanna Leo wearing her Contemporary Romance writer hat....and it does look lovely darling! I enjoyed Liam and Kate's story immensely and love when writers are courageous enough to touch on difficult topics! 4 star rating from me and a recommendation for a sexy novel with integrity!

*thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for giving me this novel in exchange for an honest review*

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  1. Thanks so much for posting your review, T'irla! I'm so glad you saw the integrity in Vice.