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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Review and Giveaway: Beyond the Cut by Sarah Castille Book 2 in the Sinner's Tribe MC Series

I'm a huge fan of Sarah Castille and was excited to get approved by Netgalley to receive and ARC in exchange for an honest review. SC didn't let me down! This is the second book in the Sinner's Tribe series and it give us more grit, a deeper storyline and although we met the characters in book 1 this book can be read as a stand a long as well. 

The plot is a simple one and very much a sign of our times. (view spoiler) Sounds tame right?? Well, you would be wrong Beyond the Cut gives us a gritty, edgy story that paints the picture of how not all MCs are the same. 

The chemistry between the two main characters is off the charts and that combustion is what brings the story from an good read to a great read. SC builds put this tension by using dual POVs so that we can feel both character's emotions and see what is going on in their minds. In our heroine Dawn we see she has learned from her past and has grown as a woman, she is determined not to make the same mistakes and this gives the relationship a delicious back and forth the relationship doesn't hit stable ground until we are further in the book and the characters get to know each other better. Yes Jimmy, Dawn's ex brings a darkness and grittiness to the story but not to the level of Susan Fanetti or Madeline Sheehan. For readers who want a taste of darkness but not the graphics of these other authors this will definitely be a MC story for you. 
Cade is a rough tough character with the protective side we love in our nasty biker alphas. He is in the "life" for a reason and he stands by that reason. I really like the fact that the whole MC didn't really get involved in the relationship for the most part the main characters sorted it out themselves. SC did give Cade a sense of humanity that we don't always see in Biker genre novels and I really enjoyed that difference and I think it allowed SC to builds the sexual tension to a much higher heat and also allow us to connect better with Cade. 

Sarah Castille's novels are always well written and you always get exactly what you expect from her and sometimes more. Beyond the Cut I feel is a better book than Rough Justice so I can't wait to read book 3 in just a few months. This books gets a strong 4 star rating from me and a high t'irla recommendation if you are looking for a Biker Romance with some grit but not over the top. You must add it to your summer TBR list now.

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