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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Released Today & REVIEW: The Last True Vampire by Kate Baxter *A top t'irla Recommended book*

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This is the Vampire book I've been waiting for!!! Several of my favourite vamp series have ended in the last 18 months and I was left longing for a new series to follow and have not had any luck...well until now! I'm really excited I found this on Netgalley and they gave it to me in exchange for an honest review. *does the happy dance* 

The Last True Vampire is the beginning of a new series by a brand new author Kate Baxter. You need to make note of her name because if the series keeps going as this first book indicates her name will be spoken along side Jeaniene Frost and Charlene Harris. Yes, as you can tell I loved the book it gave me a bit of "cat and bones" feel. Now, as with any good PNR/UF novel the first book has to do a lot of world building and character introduction and this novel is no different however at no time did I find myself distracted because of that, in fact Kate Baxter is an extremely talented writer who by the way gives no indication that she is a first time writer. The writing and crafting of the story is well done and her creation of characters makes them fully dimensional. I really liked that neither the hawt alpha male made mistakes and that the kick-ass heroine was always as street smart as she thought she was, these faults make the characters more "human" and lets the reader relate to them on a more even ground. 

Let me get into a few specifics and mention why I gave the book 4 stars instead of 5....
The world building as I mentioned was well done with lots of room to grow as the series expands. I know more of the world will be revealed in the next book "Ronan's story". Michael/Mikhail is a great vamp alpha hero has all the traits I love in a vamp, He is possessive, controlling, and just divine! I loved that he handled Claire all wrong at the beginning. Claire was Kick-ass and used to being independent and has taken care of herself for many years she also comes from poverty and is only scrapping by....The secondary characters did lend some humour to the plot and were given enough page space to make us want to know more. There is also still lots of room to introduce more new characters to the story. The Villains...of which I think there are three with 2 loosely connected were wonderful to hate!! The sex was major steamy and on the rough side...hawt and not over done! It worked into the plot...did NOT have the plot created around the sex like in so many books. Ok, my 2 issues and although neither of them were huge they bugged me. First, we had too much repetition during the inner dialogues of both lead characters. I hate when the same thing is pointed out several times in a book. If the reader is paying attention then they will remember....if they are not it will probably be a DNF for them. The second issue was loose threads...why were they even introduced unless of course she plans on using them in further novels ...in this case *minor spoiler* Why was Mikhail's previous lover brought up a number of times and why did Claire have the specific memory of her and Mikhail together and him expressing his feelings for her??? This was not addressed in this novel and it drove me nuts. I hope it is addressed in the next. 

This is a novel that exceeded my expectations and blew them outta the water! I can see that Kate Baxter has a bright future in writing and I can't wait for the next book in this series. I give it 4 shining, blinking stars and a t'irla recommendation...get in on the beginning because this is going to be a series to watch as well as an author to put on your auto buy list! Or your Pre order list as this book will be out June 2nd 2015 so make it your first summer read of the season!!!

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