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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Suit~~~Review

B.N. Toler is one of the most original new authors in today's market. She and I stumbled across each other on Goodreads and she asked if I would like to read her first book Healer which is a paranormal I want to say romance but it fits more in the Urban Fantasy genre I think but is so original it is hard to categorize. I really impressed with her fresh perspective of the genre and how she lets both the characters and story grow throughout the book. She followed this debut up with Hybrid and I was in her thrall. When she approached me not much later to read Wrecking Ball her contemporary romance debut I was eager yet a bit concerned it was so incredibly different from her other novels but again her originality took the novel into a whole new direction from most of the CR in the marketplace. I received an email a few weeks ago asking if I would read her newest novel and write an honest review I was all over it and once again her spin on this contemporary new adult novel gave it a freshness and her characters who are so outside the box have you loving them from page 1. 

I read this book in a night it kept me up but I just had to see how two such different characters as Edie and John turned their conflicted meeting into something special and how they would get together. In her usual unique way B.N. Toler grew these characters as the story progresses they not only discovered who they wanted to be but grew together over the summer from a new adult couple just spreading their wings in the adult world into an adult couple ready to take on challenges and face the world together. 

I loved the male character John, or johnny or Suit ...all three names were very distinctive parts of his personality and his journey to find himself. Edie was a bit more stable, she knew what she wanted but she had some stereotyping she needed to overcome and need to gain self confidence. 

I don't want to giveaway the vehicle that B.N. T. used for her steamy sex scenes but I LOVED IT!! I think it is every romance readers dream. 

I give this novel a 4.5 star rating and a HUGE recommendation...it is a must read and a perfect way for you to transition your summer reading into a fall favorite. I can't wait to see what B. N. Toler comes up with next, I know it will be something unique! 

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