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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Worth Forgiving

My long awaited review of

*** Received from the Author to read for an honest review***

I love this series!

What more can I say? Vi Keeland has a unique way of creating characters that you care about. I admit I do tend to love her male characters more than her female. I think I find her female characters a bit weak in the personality department. The whole needing to be saved vibe and I have to admit that this novel would have rated higher if Lily had a bit more sass and back bone with her ex.

Jax was everything I wanted Vince's brother to be...I admit it took him most of the book to get there but I love seeing a character growing and discovering hidden depths as the story unfolds.

Like Nico's, and Vince's story before him Jax is totally unique to himself and his story reflects this uniqueness. Jax's background was very different and that fact that he grew up in a political environment did shape him to some degree that being said Lily who grew up around fighters and gyms where fighters hang out was represented more whimsical and creative which didn't go anywhere so I kinda didn't get it....the talk of her drawing all the time etc just didn't fit in with the lady who now runs a chain of gyms figured she had more to do than sit at the front desk....and I admit that really bothered me as a reader. I felt a bit disconnected there because it bugged me.

These small things did nothing to take away from my enjoyment of the total book. I adore Vi Keeland as a writer and am sad to see this series coming to an end however I'm excited to see what Vi has up her sleeve next.

Just a note, this series is coming out on Audiobook and I know I for one will enjoy them all over again when I listen to them! But either read or listen this is a series you must not miss, I"m sure you will find your next book boyfriend among one of these shiver inducing men of the MMA.

Over all a fabulous story and a winner in my book with a 4.5 star rating. Thanks for the great read Vi!

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