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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Show the Fire

Read in May, 2014 

Wow, This is  a hard review to write. The emotion that I experienced while reading this book was so profound it left me almost wordless. 

There are many reasons this book should be a 4 star read, not  5 stars which I have given it. I'm going to break down into a few different parts without giving out any spoilers, why I gave it a 5 star rating.

Editing: Yes there were a few errors but nothing that impacted the  story 

Characters: SF brought so many dimensions into Tasha's character that I'm afraid we lost the essence of the character and any passion for Len. This also kept me from relating to her, I felt there was more angst for Isaac than there was for Len which  pissed me off. because I felt Len deserved some angst So yes Tasha was likable in some ways, especially when wearing her Doctor hat..but as far as the relationship aspect of her character I found her to be TSTL . 

I loved Len, I found he was extremely easy to relate to, he was comfortable in his own skin in a way only a more mature adult can be...He knew who he was and what he wanted, I like that he isn't afraid of change. I respected him before the "bad thing" then respected him even more after "the bad thing" For me Len made the story and is the heart of the book. 

Relationships: I didn't really feel any connection between Tasha and Len other than friendship, for me there was no sizzle or spark. I thought Tasha was in a  relationship with the club more than she was with Len. The angst she experienced other than her past with Isaac was for the club. It was beautiful to experience Len's devotion to the club and to his Horde brothers. I love that he tried to connect to the young people around him and it made him more "human". Isaac's relationship to the club and to the history of the club was awesome to see. I could feel the passion he felt about the things that transpired . There were several other relationships; Shannon and Show, Cora and the "old ladies", Len and Nolan and Badger and Len, Badger and Havoc that were all beautiful and I felt them deep. 

Storyline: For me this book is a vehicle for the plot. The romance that is usually the driving force in a contemporary romance really did take a backseat to the different aspects of moving the story along, The "bad thing", the town, the relationships within the club, the healing. I don't feel bad about this because any series over 3 books usually has one that might be weaker in the romance but stronger in the story. This was that book. 

The Writer: Susan Fanetti you are incredibly brave, it is not often a writer will take the chances you did in this book. You are a incredibly talented writer and you have a fan  for life. Yes, you have a very realistic view of life and the violence and ugliness of the biker life is very apparent in your novels. There is no candy coating or hearts and flowers, only grit, dirt, horror and hurt. You brought the stories behind so many of our newspaper stories to life in your novels and yes it is hard to read. You devastated me with this novel, you made me angry, you hurt me, you brought my heart to my throat, you made me cry and you made me smile. Only a writer with true talent can cause a reader to experience this in ONE novel. 

The Warning: The novel is not for the faint of heart. It is dark, it is violent, horrible and horrendous things happen but all of it is within the reality of the story. It is not gratuitous but it is also there in the full light of day. I still shudder at the "big bad" If you have issues with this things well I"m not sure why you are reading this series because all the novels in it have aspects of this darkness. This book doesn't dwell but it is all there in black and white. 

The Rating: I pondered this overnight and most of today but I really have to give this novel a 5 star rating. Yes there were several things that knocked stars off but so many things that added stars that I just couldn't give it any less that the best rating I can. I also recommend this novel highly. This series is one of the best I have read for quality of writing, uniqueness and emotion. I can't wait to read book 7 and see who Susan Fanetti concludes our trip to Signal Bend.

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