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Monday, April 21, 2014

Wrecking Ball

B.N. Toler has given us a different spin on a second chance romance with this heart wrenching story of love, pain and tragedy that leads to a second chance. 

I really enjoyed that this story was told from a few different perspectives. Looking back to the past, from both his and her points of view as well as seeing the characters in the now and dealing with betrayal and feelings of lost love. This is very much a "didn't realize what you had until it was gone" novel but not only speaking to love but to self image and sense of self. In so many ways for our heroine it is rediscovering who she was and getting that back with the help of her sister. Our hero was faced with losing everything he held dear and being reminded of how he got it in the first place. 

I usually dont' read books that have cheating in it especially between married couples it is one of my hard limits however BN Toler's creative writing and crafting of characters made this book not about cheating but about discovery and that lead to pure enjoyment for me as a reader. It also lead to one of the most emotional reads for me to date this year. This novel was so full of love not only between our main characters but also between sisters. I felt every pain, every laugh, every sorrow as I read through this amazing novel. 

I really enjoyed The Healer series by B.N. Toler but I sure hope she graces us with more contemporary romance in the future. 

B. N. Toler gifted me this novel for an honest review. Thanks B. N. 

4 shining stars for this touching story of what love is all about. I recommend this novel..make it your number one spring read of 2014. 

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