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Friday, April 11, 2014

The Will

A new series by Kristen Ashley SQUEE!!!!

I adore Kristen Ashley she is at the top of my favorite author list and I *must* have every book she writes. Luckily, she has never let me down. 

Magdalene, Maine is the town this series is based in and the characters that live within are the vehicles of the plot lines. In The Will we meet our hero and heroine at the reading of the heroine's Grandmother's will, the story takes off from there. I won't get into the details of the storyline I'll only say this novel has the "feel" of KA's self published books which are a bit longer and a bit more rambling and over all better reads than the ones that are being published by a big city publisher. 

Jake and Josie are both a bit older than most main characters in books today and I for one found that so refreshing. Although I enjoy NA books they seem to have flooded the market with them and it is truly nice to have some maturity and experience in the characters and a heck of a lot less angst. I also enjoyed that Jake had children of varying ages and each had their own unique characteristics, I fell in love with all 3 of them. Josie had some really unusual friends and I will be really interested to see if any of them make their way into future Magdalene books. 

I could rave on about fully dimensional characters, great plot with twists etc but for anyone who has read KA they know you get this in every book she writes. The feeling of this book is very much similar to the feeling when I read the 'Burg series. It is all about the individuals and the town that supports them. 

I have to admit I started this book in the morning and read it straight through for the most part staying up until 5:30am and when it was over I almost cried because I wanted more! I can't wait to see who is next up in this series. If you haven't had the fortune of reading a Kristen Ashley book you are doing yourself a disservice, to me she is one of the premier writers of Contemporary Romance today and is not to be missed. 

5 Brilliant stars for this first outing of a new series, I recommend you get a copy and a glass of wine and sit back an let yourself be consumed by the town of Magdalene.

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