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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Quick Review: Wild Things by Chloe Neill

Read from February 05 to 07, 2014

I am a total fan of this series we are up to book 9 and Chloe Neill has not let me down yet. Her stories are always fresh, never formula and totally engrossing. I love that she doesn't get caught up in too many parallel story lines that so many long running series get caught up in.

In this outing we have Merit once again getting involved in supernatural shenanigans. This time we meet different fae..and our heroes get caught up in more drama. The drama is new but our characters are still recovering from the happenings from the last book.

We were also left..not with a cliffhanger as this story was wrapped up but with questions once again as to what will happen with the GP...what will happen with Ethan (swoon) and Merit...and will Mallory and Merit's relationship be completely whole again.

Chloe Neill has a way to make each of her books fresh using the same characters but the story arc is amazing as each book closes a phase but the long term story continues spewing up new challenges for the vampires and supernatural community. She tosses in just enough foreshadowing to drive us crazy with want for the next book.

A definite 5 star read and once again I HIGHLY recommend this UF series with a romance overtone...once you start it ..you will need to keep consuming each and every book.

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  1. Thanks again for a great review, T. Couldn't agree more - this was yet again another very good one from CN. How does she do it? Keep it so fresh and fun? All I know is I can't wait for #10!