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Friday, January 24, 2014

Hard As It Gets by Laura Kaye

 Jan 24, 14  · 

Going into this book I knew there would be certain things I would really enjoy. I have a thing for books about Tattoos and tattoo parlors, I enjoy military based or main characters with a military background and I love a damaged hero. I also recently read "Heart of Darkness" a short story by Laura Kaye and absolutely adored it. So going in I was totally looking forward to this book. I did listen to it on Audiobook. 

I was right I loved it..for all the reasons I mentioned above but also because Laura Kaye writes incredible characters. They leap off the page at the reader and you can't help but relate to them and care about what they feel and how the story turns out. Becca was a fantastic heroine. No she wasn't over the top she was just a girl raised in a miltaristic household and is a nurse, she keeps it together in tough situations and doesn't fall apart when things get messy. I would consider her a quiet kickass heroine. She was soft spoken and not over the top but stood firm in who she was and her beliefs. LOVED Becca! Nick was all alpha, exspecial forces and extremely male but broken. His internal battle dealing with the horrors of war just twisted my heart and made me want to reach out and comfort him...ok ok...maybe more than comfort..*impish grin* I hung on every word of these characters and can't wait to read more about them. The secondary characters starting with Jeremy and ending with Nick's military "brothers" were wonderful. Jeremy I adored and can't wait to read his story. Again Laura Kaye created a completely different type male but it made work with all the over the top alphas in the book. I could go on and on about the characters ..and I loved each and every one of them..including Jess. 

The plot was extremely suspenseful and if you like intrigue with your romance and bad boys you will adore this book. The plot twists and turns you almost forget you are reading a romance the plot just pulls you in and doesn't let go until the last page. I admit this is not the steamiest of books the sex is minimal but the build up and the sparks that fly between Becca and Nick were more than enough to quench my thirst for steam. I personally did not miss the graphic sex the writing was of a calibre that it wasn't needed to know how hot they were for each other. 

Audiobook, the narrators were wonderful. I adore when we have both male and female readers it brings the book to life a bit better. That being said the female narrator was extremely good..her male voices were each different and did not toss you out of the zone when listening. The male reader was a wonderful voice for Nick..maybe not quite as good with the female voices but still good. 

Overall a great book with a "you gotta read it" recommendation. I gave it 5 stars and am going now to buy book 2 ..cause I can't wait for the next 'Hard Ink' story! Do yourself a favor..listen/read..and lose yourself in the world of Hard Ink.

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