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Thursday, September 19, 2013

The First Alpha

Read on September 18, 2013

For a short novel that had so much potential this was a disappointing read.


dam has waited an eternity for his mate. After three thousand years of searching he's almost lost hope that he'll ever find her... almost convinced himself that God has forsaken him.

Cassie is miserable. At just 23 the buxom, beautiful werewolf has found herself caught up in her mother's Machiavellian power struggles, forced into an arranged marriage with the cruel, violent alpha of the Ironclaws, Lucius. When the Long Night arrives Cassie will become his property, to do with as he will.

Imprisoned in Lucius' summer home with Megan, a gutter-minded 400 year old teenager, and Rutherford, a senile housekeeper who can't remember where he left his trousers, Cassie has resigned herself to her fate. She'd never dare go against her mother, and to reject Lucius would lead the weak Darkfangs into war against the mighty Ironclaws. Cassie knows she has no choice but to sacrifice her happiness for her tribe...

... And then she picks up a scent on the breeze.

The First Alpha is a tale of love against all odds; of betrayal, scheming and intrigue, and of two souls linked together across time.

My Thoughts:

Cons: Character development was poor so we didn't connect with the characters
No chemistry between the love interests
confusing back story on the mating of werewolves

Pros: Wonderful premise of where werewolves came from.
Loved the idea of Adam and would have loved to have him share some of it
For the mate of an alpha Cassie had no spine. Her decisions were stupid and
a great deal of the angst would have avoided if she thought about what she
was doing.

Overall: I was disappointed I thought by spending so much time on Adam's background and that the title was directly related to this we would have more use of it in the actual story line. It was a complete waste as all it did in the end was say why he was stronger than the bad wolf. Lucius the badguy created more emotion than the mcs...

I give this book a 2.5 bear rating. I can't give it a recommendation but can wish the writer would go back and rewrite the story in a novel format and I think she would have a winner on her hands.


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