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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Part 2 of An Conversation with Rosanna Leo......and Friends

Hold on to your hats...while Bookie acts out in this part of our conversation *grin*   It gets a bit out of hand.  Enjoy

BC: *Raises eyes heavenward as I watch t’irla jump and jiggle around Soren and Ryland*. T, seriously…you’re acting like a shameless hussy. Throttle it back sister and settle in so we can finish this interview.

TT: *Bounces over to Ryland and settles into his lap*.

BC: *Mouth gapes open* Get. Out. Of. His. Lap.

TT: *Fingers Ryland’s hair at the nape of his neck and replies innocently*. What? You said settle in! And I’m quite comfy, thank you very much.

BC: *Stomps over to T and drags her out of Ryland’s lap*. Lia! Hellooooooooo. He’s already spoken for.

TT: *Thinks thoughtfully for a minute* You’re right! I’m not sure what I was thinking. *Bounces over to Soren and drapes herself over his lap*. Hi gorgeous!

Soren: *Grabs T around the waist* Well hello, beauty. Now, this is the kind of interview I like.

BC: *Offers and irritated reply* Can we puhleaze get on with the interview here. Soren you’re distracting T from focusing.

Soren: *Snuggles T’s neck*.

TT: *Issues a girly giggle*.

BC: *Rolls eyes and growls*

Soren: *Swivels head at BC and hums in his throat*. Hmm, BookChick, you’re making my kind of sounds over there. *Quickly stands up and dumps T off of his lap and scoots his chair closer to BC*.

TT: *Issues an unladylike squeak and glares at Soren*.

BC: *Snickers and scoots chair away from Soren and then addresses Rosanna*. I’m so sorry about this Rosanna. You know how distracted T is by shifters and especially BEAR shifter.

TT: *Still on the floor sighs* Beeeeears. *Scoots closer to Soren from her position on the floor.

BC: Ready to continue Rosanna?

RL: *Looks hesitant*. I’m sorry Bookie. I thought the guys would add interesting character perspective as I talk about Predator’s Kiss.

BC: No…no…no. It’s totally ok Rosanna. T just threw me off with her beargasm over there. *Looks down at T and rolls eyes*.

BC: *Continues with the interview*.  What makes a good story for you?

RL: Tension, whether it be a life-or-death situation, or just even romantic tension. Without it, there is no story, just a sequence of events. Oh, and a hot hero never hurts. ;)

TT: *Looks up adoring at Soren* Tension is so sexy!

Soren: Ummm…t’irla…Do you mind moving your hand from………there, please?

TT: *Feigns innocence*. Whoopsie

BC: *Glares at T* Don’t make me hose you down!  Rosanna, what was the hardest thing you ever had to write?

RL: The hardest thing I ever did was adapt Predator's Kiss from a short story into a full-length novel. I'd originally envisioned it as a short, and it went a certain way. Liquid Silver gave me some feedback, and I decided to lengthen it and take it in a different direction. It was so hard incorporating old ideas and new thoughts and making it click, but I think it worked in the end!

BC: So now that you’ve mentioned Predator’s Kiss, let’s chat about it for a bit.  Tell us a bit about how you came up with the concept for the story.

RL: LOL Predator's Kiss began life as a much different animal. Liquid Silver had put out a submission call some time ago, requesting short stories based on fairy tales. I came up with what I thought was an intriguing spin on Snow White and Rose Red. In the original tale, two sisters encounter an injured bear in the forest. They care for him, and learn he is a prince under a spell. After somehow reversing the spell, he becomes human again. One girl marries him, and the other his brother. In my short story, I came up with two bear shifter brothers who find a mysterious woman in the woods and care for her. It was my first try at ménage...and it was horrible! I played with the idea some more, removed the ménage and everything flowed!

TT: *Pouts and looks between Soren and Ryland*. I really could use a ménage.

BC: *Glares* Seriously you are about 2 seconds away from being hosed down like a 5 alarm fire.

TT: *Licks her lips* These boys can quench my fire any day.

BC: *Gags and heaves* You are out of control you walking ovary. Calm down!

TT: *Sighs dejectedly* Fine.

BC: Rosanna, what’s the quick tagline for Predator’s Kiss?

RL: *Thinks quietly and then replies* “She's on the run from a stalker, hounded by paparazzi. And now she's awoken the bear.”

BC: *Whispers to Rosanna* Who is your favorite character from your book and why?

RL: *Responds in a return whisper*  It would have to be Ryland. He's my main dude in this one, and I sympathize so much for him. He just wants to be left in peace, and all hell breaks loose on the fishing resort he calls home. He has to deal with an annoying brother, an erotica writer on the run, and all manner of intruders. And when the whole mating issue begins to plague him, he becomes ready to burst a gasket. He was lots of fun to write...writing stress is surprisingly enjoyable! But once he makes up his mind that Lia is the one, nothing will keep him away.

Ryland: *Grins widely* Thanks Rosanna. I always knew I was your favorite.

RL: *Blushes* Oh shoot! I forgot about that dang shifter hearing.

Soren: *Pouts* Heeeeeey! What about me?!?!  Why aren’t I your favorite?

TT: *Jumps up and holds Soren’s head to her chest* Don’t worry about her honey! You’re my  favorite and that’s all that matters.

BC: *Mumbles under breath* Poor guy. It’s the cowboy all over again.  T, I’m almost afraid to ask this but do you have any questions for the guys?

T:T *Still holding Soren tightly* Why yes I do!

Soren: *Holds himself stiff and looks mildly uncomfortable*

Ryland: *Snickers loudly*

TT: *Let’s go of Soren and plops down on the sofa next to Ryland, squeezing his leg seductively*

Ryland: *Removes T’s roving hand and places it gently on the sofa and chides her* Now…now t’irla. Don’t forget that I am a happily mated man.

TT: *Pouts and sighs* Fine! Does it hurt when you shift?

Ryland: *Chuckles deeply* Well, it’s not so much that it hurts. It’s more like a snapping deep in your body, shooting into all your limbs. I won’t say it’s pleasant, but I try to keep my eye on the prize. There’s a freedom in shifting to my bear form. Plus I get to take my clothes off. That’s always a silver lining *smiles at t’irla*.

TT: *Sighs dreamily*  Honey ...Pasteurized or unpasteurized?

Ryland: *Reddens, and then nibbles his full lower lip* You heard about that, huh? I’m fine either way, but let’s just say I like my honey the way I like my women…all natural. The way God intended them to be.

TT: *Hums seductively* Now THAT’s what I’m talking about.

Soren: *Cuts in and interrupts* Excuse this verbal love fest and all but when do I get asked some questions?

TT: I’m sorry Soren, love. I’d never forget about you. How do you like being told you are better than Tommy Lee on drums?

Soren: Depends on who’s telling me darling! I’ll take a compliment from you any day, you and your friend BookChick *nods over at Book Chick* I see you over there, looking shy. Need some help coming out of your shell, beautiful?

BC: *Blushes* Umm…umm…just pretend I’m not here. I’m wallpaper right now.

Soren: *Chuckles* Come a little closer to me beauty
BC: *Gulps* No…no…no…I’m fine right over here. Carry on. I’m sure T can hold your attention.

TT: *Mumbles* I’d like to hold onto SOMETHING else a bit more.

BC and Rosanna: *Exclaim in unison* t’irla!!!!

TT: *Blank stare* What? *Shrugs* I would! Anyway…back to my men *smiles saucily at Ryland and Soren.

Soren: *Grins broadly*

Ryland: *Whispers to Soren* I’m kind of afraid of this one, bro? *thumbs a finger in t’irla’s direction*

Soren: *Chuckles* Nah! Not me. I love sassy women. *Looking at BookChick* I like em shy too.

Ryland: *Shakes head*.

TT: *Claps hands together* Eyes back on me, guys.

RL: *Giggles* t’irla you are so crazy.

TT: *Grins* You know me! Now Soren,  why Classical music?

Soren: *Winks* Classical music is the bomb! I think every rock musician should study the classics. Where do you think rock music came from? It has its origins in the classics. Listen to Led Zeppelin, and you’ll totally hear Beethoven in those lines. Beethoven is my god.

TT: Ok Ryland, here’s another one for you. Why plaid? *hrms* Are your sheets plaid too...I would love to see them?

Ryland:  *Deep laugh* I think the real question, t’irla, is why not plaid? I like the rugged look. I don’t shop in boutiques like my brother Soren does. I wouldn’t know Hugo Boss if he came up and bit me on the ass. And anyway, my Lia likes my plaid shirts. I like ‘em even better on her. (sexy smile) And I do happen to have plaid sheets, thank you very much. I’d show them to you, t’irla, but Lia would kill me.

TT: *Pouts* Lia…Lia…Lia! It’s always about Lia. *Grins at Soren* You’re free though.

Soren: I most certainly am! *Winks at BookChick*

BC: *Blushes* Soren behave! Ok guys, we really need to bring this interview to a close and I have a few questions of my own. Soren, can you give our readers your Fan club site?

Soren: *Turns to Book Chick, eyeing her crossed legs* How about I just give you my private number?

BC: *Clears throat* Um…moving on. *Looks  at the sheet of paper with questions and asks* What’s your favorite part of the female body, Soren?

Soren: *Responds right away* The vagina. Definitely the vagina.

Collective responses

BookChick and RL: *Gasp*

Ryland: *Growls angrily* Soren! You insensitive SOB.

TT: *Waves hand in the air* Ooh, ooh, I have one. Wanna see?!?!

Soren: *Looks at Ryland smugly* What? I don’t have one!

Ryland: Couldn’t you say something nice, like eyes or hair, you dipshit?

Soren: I happen to like vaginas. Don’t hate me because I’m a red-blooded male.

Ryland: *Drags hand down face in exasperation* Ladies, can we finish the interview so I can take my insensitive asshole of a baby brother out of your hair.

Soren: You’re just mad because the ladies like me better *winks at BookChick*.

BC: Oh dear! Well…umm…*clears throat* Rosanna, what’s happening now and on the horizon for you?

RL: I'm hoping to continue with all my series books, the Greek gods, the selkies and my bear shifters. Selkie's Revenge, my second selkie book is upcoming, and the second book in the Gemini Island Shifters series is also on its way- this one will be about Soren.

Soren: *Interrupts* Now that’s going to be one sexy book. Be sure to put the ménage back in that one…preferably with a certain shy BookChick and another hot chick.

Ryland: *Stands abruptly* That’s it. *Grabs Soren by the arm* We’re out of here. Ladies, it’s been a pleasure. *Proceeds to drag Soren out of the lounge*.

Ryland and Soren: *Argue and tussle on their way out of the reading lounge*

BC: *Clears throat again* Well *Pause* That was certainly………….interesting. I really need that drink now. Where are those Kick girls?!?! One more question Rosanna, tell our readers how they can connect with you after the interview.

RL: Well, I’m on all the major social networking sites:  Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads and my blog.


A Sneak Peek into Soren’s World

 Predator's Serenade  (Working Title)

“Bro, I need to get off the phone. I’m expecting an underwear model any minute now.”
As Soren Snow listened to his brother natter on about fishing lures or some such crap, he sighed and stared out the window of his New York penthouse. It was piss pouring rain. Models were usually so concerned about their looks. He wondered if Irina Ivanov would venture out to have dinner with him after all. Or would she be too worried she might melt in the precipitation, Margaret Hamilton style?
“Soren, are you listening?” Ryland muttered into the phone.
“Yeah, yeah. But did you not hear the part about me expecting Irina Ivanov? I gotta go.”
“Who’s Irina Ivanov?”
Soren stared at his cell. “Seriously? You’ve never heard of her? She’s the biggest model out there. Well, not really big. I doubt she weighs more than fifty pounds but you know what I mean. She’s on the latest commercial for Hush underwear.”
Ryland paused. “The waif with the … lip issue?”
Soren rolled his eyes. His brother could be such a hick sometimes. Ryland needed to get away from the backwater they called home in Northern Ontario and see more of the world. Of course, now that he’d found his mate Lia, he doubted Ryland was going anywhere. Those two were like rabbits, rather than the bear shifters they were. Always at it. And they loved their quiet home on Gemini Island where Ryland ran his fishing resort, the Ursa Lodge. Soren preferred the big city. His last visit to Gemini Island at the start of the summer had been enough country to keep him going for a while.
 “Irina doesn’t have a lip issue,” Soren replied. “She just has very succulent lips.”
“Right,” Ryland retorted. “All natural too, I bet.”
“I live in New York, Ry. Natural isn’t a priority here.” He checked the time. “Anyway, gotta go. Give Lia a kiss for me.”

Predator's Kiss 

Available for sale May 20th

Preorders available at LS Book Store


  1. T, dude that deserves a high five!
    Fab interview.

    1. Thanks for coming out, Nae, and I'm really pleased you enjoyed it. Hope you get a kick out of Predator's Kiss!

  2. Thanks so much for hosting me today as well, T!! Hugs!

  3. Awesome guys!!! I'm ready for drinks whenever!!!!

    ~Walking Ovary~ *Cracks up*

    1. Thanks Krystle! We had a lot of fun doing it...Hopefully we can do other joint projects together:)

    2. Cool! Can't wait to see the interview with Rosanna's HOT brother tomorrow :)