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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A Conversation With Rosanna Leo!!

Sitting in the plush, comfy sofa in my reading lounge, Rosanna, my partner in mayhem, Bookie the bookchick, and I sit down for a fun conversation about her upcoming book, Predator’s Kiss.
BC: *Offers Rosanna a hug* How are you, my friend?
RL: *Grins* I’m good Bookie, how are you?
BC: I’m doing outstanding. I am so ready to ta….
TT: *Interrupts conversation* Heeeeellllloooo! I’m here too!
BC: We know you’re here T. We weren’t ignoring you.
TT: *Pouts angrily* Well, it felt like it. You weren’t including me. Everybody always forgets about me *ends in a whine*.
BC: *Rolls eyes* Oh brother! Here we go!
RL: *Smiles pleasantly and engages t’irla*. Hi t’irla how are you doing? How are things going over in t'irla's talk land?
TT: *Grins like a Cheshire cat and begins dramatically speaking with her hands*. Welp, as you know, I have a lot of exciting stuff coming up on the horizon. I even have an interview with a book cover model *winks at Rosanna*…who just happens to be related to you *smiles saucily, flops against the sofa cushion, and fans her face*.
RL: *Smiles again* I did hear him say something about that. *Quickly sobers* Please don’t break my brother.
TT: *Sits up quickly* What? It’s not like I go around breaking beautiful men...*mumbles*...all the time.
BC: *Laughs loudly and holds stomach*. You what? *snorts* Remember that cowboy that you interviewed last month? *giggle*… His people are still looking for him!
TT: *Huffs indignantly* I can’t help it if all the men want to stay with me!
BC: *Rolls eyes* Anyway…let’s get on with our interview here. We’re supposed to be meeting some of the other Kick Chicks for drinks later on and we don’t want to be late.
Ok, Rosanna, are you ready? *hands Rosanna a glass of Perrier*.
RL: I’m ready.
BC:  Tell us a little bit about your background and what inspired you to write in the romance/romantica genre? 
RL: My background includes several jobs that had nothing to do with writing at all. I've been a recruiter, a classical singer, a tourism specialist, and currently also work as a librarian part-time. However, writing was always in me. When I began writing, I knew romance had to be a focus for me. I was bred on books like Jane Eyre, so romance has always been a huge influence. I didn't begin quite as sexy as I write now, but am pleased with the direction my writing has taken. Sexy is super fun!
BC: Oh yeah, sexy is fun *sighs* Calan.

TT: *Hits BC in the arm* Get serious here. We’re doing an interview.
BC: *Blinks innocently* What, I love Calan from The Selkie, I never knew seal men could be THAT sexy *Fans face*.
TT: *Glares at BC and sweetly looks at Rosanna* SOME people just can’t be serious!  Let me ask the next question since SOMEBODY *offers BC a blank stare* is having a private Selkie moment.
BC: *Snorts* Whatever! *waves hands in a go-ahead gesture*. Go on and ask Rosanna your question.
TT: How many books have you written? And which one is your favorite?
RL: 8 books of mine have either been published or are on the way to being published, plus a group of shorts that were done with my blogging group Love, Lust and Laptops. Of all of mine, if I had to pick an absolute fave, it might have to be For the Love of a God, because that was the first one published and that was a huge milestone for me, of course. However, I love them all.
BC: *Squees* Oh. My. Gawd. I loved For the Love of a God. Eryx was haaaaaawt!
TT: *Rolls eyes in BC direction*. Can you puhleaze act more professional than this?!?! You’re too old to be doing this fangirl stuff!
BC: *Glares* Oh just hush it. I happen to love Rosanna’s books and her characters. She really brings them to life and I can typically breeze through one of her books in one setting. *Mumbles under breath*…..Hater!
TT: *Glares back at BC* You did not just call me a hater?
BC: Yes I did too! *Fold arms angrily*
TT: You know what! I have had it…
RL: *Interrupts before things get out of control* Now girls…don’t fight. You guys are best friends. Can’t we all just chat and enjoy our interview time together?
BC and TT: *Speak in unison* Ok Rosanna. We’ll be good.
BC: *Mumbles under breath again*…I was being good though. All I SAID was how much I enjoyed Rosanna’s books and SOMEBODY got jealous because SHE hasn’t read them all.
TT: *Swivels head in BC’s direction and glares* Quit it! Let’s finish the interview.
BC: *Recomposes self* Fine…fine…fine. Next question Rosanna. What is your philosophy about writing? (Note: Creative outlet, money maker, etc).
RL: I write to make me happy, and that seems to make a few other folks happy too. That's all I can ask for. I never went into this for the money. If money comes, that's icing on the cake.
BC: *Smiles* You should make boat loads of money. Your books are awesome
RL: *Grins broadly* Why, thank you Bookie! I appreciate your vote of confidence.
BC: I truly mean it. Your books are engaging and unique and I just love the depth that you infuse in your characters.
BC:  How important are reader reviews to you? Do you even read them?
RL: *Nods* I do read them and I respond to as many as I can, just to say thank you. They're important in the sense that I believe in continuous learning; I want to grow as a writer and readers often have insightful comments. However, and this is a big however, I try not to stress out too much about reader reactions because you know as an author you'll never please everyone. I try to live by the mantra that feedback is a gift.
BC: *Smiles* That’s an awesome way to handle things Rosanna. As a reader, I know I appreciate knowing that authors care when they respond to a review.
RL: *Nods again* I feel the same way as a reader.
BC: But Rosanna, I gotta ask you. How do you do it all? I see you on Facebook and on Goodreads all the time. You are even an active Tweeter. How in the world do you manage the time to do all the social media stuff while being a wife and mother who is the heart of the family. I’m getting tired just talking about it *grins*.
RL:  *Returns BC’s grin* I'm on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Goodreads, and all the biggies. It's helped me create a lot of wonderful relationships in the business, and I love getting to know my readers and fellow industry professionals.  
And as far as being a wife and mother? It's not always easy, but so worthwhile. I used to work at a 9-5 job that I absolutely detested, and it made my relationships suffer. When I decided to pursue writing on a serious basis, my husband and I knew we might be making some sacrifices. However, I think our collective happiness has gone through the roof, and that means a lot. An unhappy mom is not a good mom. Now, my kids respect what I do, and my career frees me up to spend more time with them as well. As far as managing, you do your best, and don't beat yourself up when you can't get to everything.
TT: *Interrupts rudely…again* Ok…ok…ok!…let’s talk bears!
BC: *Mouth drops open* Are you kidding me?!?! I am in the middle of asking questions and you interrupt me to talk about bears? *throws hands in the air indignantly* UNBELIEVABLE *said screaming*.
TT: *Stares blankly* What? Where here to talk about her newest book and THAT BOOK IS ABOUT BEARS! *screams back*.
BC: *Stands up* You are out of control. You are going to have to leave. I can’t do this interview with you.
TT: *Looks incredulously* You’re kicking me out?!?!
BC: Yes beca………
All: *Stops at the sound of a deep booming voices coming from outside the lounge*.
Ryland: *Growls angrily* Soren, I swear to god that if you don’t quit touching Lia. I’m going to…
Soren: *Interrupts by chuckling* What? She’s soft and I looooooooove soft.
Ryland: *Growls again and angrily knocks on the lounge door*.
BC: *Opens the door a crack and stutters* Ry-Ry-Ryland?
Ryland: *grins* Hi BookChick. Rosanna told us to meet us here.
Soren: *Pushes his way in past Ryland and stands in front of BookChick* Well heeeeeellllooo, beauty.
BC: *Blushes and replies in a whisper* Hi Soren.
All: *Covers ears after an ear piercing scream*.
TT: *Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee* It’s Soren and Ryland. *Bounces between the two brothers and swoons*. I’ve died and gone to heaven.
BC: *Rolls eyes heavenward* Oh boy. It’s about to get really interesting now *sighs*.
Stay tuned tomorrow for part two of this exciting interview.


  1. *claps excitedly* what a show! Keep it coming ladies :)

    1. Thanks Nae, and thanks so much to T for having me...and my men!

  2. Aww, really cute you guys :) I cracked up!