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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Different Strokes for Different Folks

I've been described in various ways throughout my life, hubby says I'm an odd duck, bestie says I'm "different", sissy says I'm wierd, employees used to say that I was a tyrant, bosses used to say I'm a control freak, however I have also been described as intuitive, thoughtful, patient, even tempered, quick tempered..I could go on.   My excuse I give to people is that I'm a Gemini (May 28)... I can be whoever you want me to be:)  I always figured that was a good trait.  

Why am I bringing this up?  I've been hanging out with my good friends on Goodreads, specifically on Sultry, Shadows of Rapture.  I've know some of these women for over a year and they seem to be getting to know me however my "differences" have become much more noticeable this week.  We have been discussing different books and series, and been comparing notes and checking out reviews etc.  I discovered that the people who I thought shared the same taste as I do in books actually have very different taste.  I liked the books they liked but I also have liked a lot of books they didn't like this made me think and I remembered there are a lot of movies I have liked that hubby and friends thought were crap.  Does this mean I don't have any "taste" or does it mean  that I am more accepting of books and movies than they are?  

It comes down to having simple tastes I think and being lazy.  Yes, lazy..you see I enjoy fun books, in depth emotional books etc however I don't enjoy if it is a "difficult" or "slow" book and the same goes with movies.  The pace of a book or movie must be quick when things are over described or all the action happens in the last quarter of the book or movie I find I don't like it.  That is my laziness I don't want to work to hard to enjoy it.  My simple tastes are that I just want to be entertained.  I want to be lost in what is happening.  For me books and movies is how I vacation from life..I get lost in the lives of my heroes or heroines I can get totally immersed in a good book or wonderful movie, my mother always said a hurricane could go through and I would never notice if I was reading.  I have to agree with her I get totally lost in the adventure.  

These traits make rating books pretty simple for me..spelling, grammar and small mistakes in editing I rarely notice..my mind corrects them and I don't "fall out" of my reading "zone".  If I emotionally connect with the characters and the story captures my imagination..this is a good book in Goodreads terms this book would rate from 3 stars to 5 stars out of 5 stars.  Which means, liked it, really liked it, loved it.  My friends are much more discriminating and they find different nuances of the books bother them and cause them to dislike books I adore.  

The other thing this week that separated me from my "girls" is when appreciating a fine looking picture...lets call it art *wink wink Nudge Nudge*  I find I like them usually without a head.  I enjoy looking at a beautiful well sculpted, beautifully manscaped male body.  I find the head distracting, this isn't a bad thing if the face is as beautiful as the body, unfortunately that is not usually the case so I figure why have that distraction.  I also enjoy a wet man..the droplets sliding down his chest, sliding slowly over the ripples and muscles doesn't matter if it is water, sweat whatever it does it for me.  It seams most women like the package..meaning the face and body..*naughty reader*  This all came to light in a conversation a few us were having while enjoying the  "art" that was posted in our group.  After laughing at my expense..ok ok I was laughing too one of the girls who is a wonderful author named Nulli Para Ora decided she was going to include a section on her blog and call it T'irla's Twisted Tales.  TTT made it's debut within a few hours with the first tale and it was hilarious.  Please feel free to check it out at Nulli Para Ora's Website and leave a comment  on her website (or here) with what you think..or any ideas you have for future tales.  

The great thing though is you eventually come to an age that you embrace your differences and enjoy laughing at yourself.  I love that I like to many books and that my friends can laugh with me.  I am comfortable enough in my own skin and my own head to say "I'm alright with that".   So my wish for all my friends out there is that you come to a point that you too can embrace and celebrate your differences and can laugh at yourself with others and just enjoy life.   Happy Reading my friends and give a special thought  to  the people in your life who make a difference and appreciate your "differences"  send them a Valentine Card or a message of Love.  Let them know you embrace who they are and appreciate them.   So for you dear reader

Happy Valentine's Day. 

1 comment:

  1. I love this post, T! You hit it right on the money: we need to celebrate our differences especially in the areas we love most. For us, reading - and movies, of course. My tastes are also a bit different in certain areas from my besties, but the same in many others. And that's completely cool. Thanks for bringing this up, T.