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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Butterfly Tattoo

Read from May 05 to 07, 2012

What an incredibly sweet story! Loved it.


Just when the darkness seems permanent, fate flips a switch. Michael Warner has been drifting in a numb haze since his lover was killed by a drunk driver. As the anniversary of the wreck approaches, Michael's grief grows more suffocating. Yet he must find a way through the maze of pain and secrets to live for their troubled young daughter who struggles with guilt that she survived the crash. Out of the darkness comes a voice, a lifeline he never expected to find-Rebecca O'Neill, a development executive in the studio where Michael works as an electrician. Rebecca, a former sitcom celebrity left scarred from a crazed fan's attack, has retreated from the limelight and from life in general, certain no man can ever get past her disfigurement. The instant sparks between her and Michael, who arrives to help her during a power outage, come as a complete surprise-and so does her uncanny bond with his daughter. For the first time, all three feel compelled to examine their inner and outer scars in the light of love. But trust is hard to come by, especially when you're not sure what to believe when you look in the mirror. The scars? Or the truth? Warning: This title contains a three-hankie redemptive romance, a man with a complicated past, a heroine who's stronger than she knows, and tender, explicit sex scenes that may just break your heart-and make you believe in love once again.

My Thoughts:

Wow, what a beautifully written book. An emotional wringer, at times uncomfortable but always good. Ms Knight tells her story through both of the MCs view point using alternating chapters to switch POV. This refreshingly different book takes us through the impossible love story of two broken people and a broken little girl. The characters are well rounded and easy to connect with and empathize. The supporting characters were not as rounded but some like Casey brought out strong feelings. Now you maybe looking for steamy sex scenes but you are not going to get it in this but you will get an unconventional, realistic love story. When the book started I thought it was going to be a m/m story but no..it is a story about love having no boundaries, your heart finds what it needs. I finished the book last night but it is so clear in my mind and I am still thinking about aspects of it. The book is not so much a romance as it is a slow building love story that overcomes convention, pigeon holing, expectation and explores different kinds of love and how it  "fixes"  all those involved. I will be putting this on my favorite shelf...a deeply moving story.

5 golden stars for this excellent book and I encourage anyone who loves a emotional love story, a HEA with unusual pitfalls along the way. I'm filing this book beside A Modern Love story and Beautiful Disaster on my favorites shelf.

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  1. This sounds so lovely, T. Thanks for the great review!