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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Resolution and a Coke????

2013 will be a year of pain and gain for me.  After waiting 4 years I will finally be getting my knee replacements. So with 2 surgeries ahead I know I will have to go through the pain to gain my life back.  I intend to work hard to get back my full mobility.  I certainly don't need to make a New Years resolution with regard to this..or do I??? Lets see I started a diet in October to help me lose weight in hopes of making my recovery better.  In November I hired a physiotherapist/personal trainer to work with me twice a week to get my muscles back in shape to prepare for my surgery.  By December 1st I was cheating, it started with a little here and a little there, lunch out, fast food was easier and ohhhh chocolate then as a self confessed cokaholic it was well just one coke...and I was off the diet.  I did however keep up with my personal trainer twice a week and my hydrotherapy/water exercise twice a week.  So do I start with the weight loss New Year's resolution??

I look back over the last paragraph and I talk about me me me and although I joke and tell friends "it is all about me" I don't really live that way.  So, I started thinking maybe I need to make a resolution that would effect other people.  I could stay off Goodreads and actually do some house cleaning that would make my husband happy.  I could go visit my parents more often, that would make them happy.  I could volunteer my time somewhere that would be truly altruistic.  I grab a coke, and ponder more wiping the crumbs from a banana nut muffin from my mouth.  I'm thinking I won't last a week with all these resolutions.  Ok, Ok the volunteer one I could prolly last until February when I have my first surgery. So maybe not great resolutions.

Grabbing another coke, (remember addict) I thought harder (caffeine and sugar does that to me) and I started to wonder if I could make a personal resolution but have it effect other people.  Ok, I might be on to something here...I could have more charitable thoughts for others, I could wear makeup once in a while, I could smile more, I could present a happier face better attitude to the world.

 Yes,  maybe this would be better and have a resolution I could keep.  I am going to be a better person in 2013.  This is a win, win for everyone and  if I am a better person I will feel better about myself and there fore I will lose weight, I mean after all it is "all about me". *grin*

My 2013 New Years Resolution:  I am going to try to be a better person.  


  1. very nice - luck to your resolution. It will be a pleasure to have another good(better) person in the world with us. I hope 2013 will be a successful year for your personally,professionally, and medically
    friendship - paris

  2. Thanks Paris!!! I am hoping the same for you! Happy New Year my Friend!

  3. Great stream of consciousness, T. Process...much more interesting than a plain ol' resolution. Truly? It IS all about you - a good thing. Good with and for yourself = good for others, especially those that love you. (BTW - Pfft! You're already a sweetie - just give me back Raphael! :D) Most of all, good on you for prepping for the surgeries! I had 2. First recovery went badly because I wasn't prepared with knowledge and, more importantly, a positive healing mentality. Changed that up for the 2nd and recovered in record time. So, your head's right on track for success, kiddo. I know that by this time next year...Happy Dance! Literally! Muwah and and happy new year to you, new and now dear friend. Cinda