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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Review: Hard to Break by Bella Jewel Book 2 in the Alpha's Heart Series

I really enjoyed book one of this series and was grateful to Netgalley for giving me book 2 in exchange for an honest review.

Hard to Break didn't disappoint. The story was very much a coming of age for both characters. Quinn a tomboy who grew-up with a wrench in hand and Tazen a boy from the tough side of town taking his passion and turning it into dollars and fame. Meeting each other in the worse of conditions with none of that insta-love was the trigger to maturity.

I really enjoyed the strong story line that took us through Quinn and Tazen's relationship. I adored the tenacity and fight that Quinn put into keep what was her's and how that grew into more. I liked how Tazen finally let down his walls to allow himself to grow into the man he was meant to be. Great mix of angst, adversity and heat make this a fast read and enjoyable novel.

I found the characters easily to relate to and the story moved quickly keeping me engaged the entire time. I loved the rawness of the story and the bit of darkness that at times wound itself through the storyline. BJ is great at that bit of grit and I'm glad she didn't leave it behind with her bikers.

Overall a totally enjoyable read and I look forward to next novel of the series. 4 rubber burning stars for this novel. If you like tomboys and cars this one is for you!

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