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Monday, November 16, 2015

BUY NOW!!! Chrisian by D.B. Reynolds Book 10 in the Vampires in America Series

DB Reynolds once again brings us the hottest, toughest Vampire alpha male in the genre.  Vampires in America is one of my favourite on going series and DBR keeps it fresh and moving with every novel.

The Vampire Wars is heating up and we have a new battle for Vampire Lord, we also have Vincent and Lana's loose ends from the previous book all tied up...what is not to love?   Christian just like all of DBR's alpha heroes is absolutely delicious and we meet two very yummy new vamps in Marco and Alon....I'll call dibs on Alon right now for the future because if DBR doesn't give us more of him I'm gonna fly to SCA and stalk her till she does *grin * ....Natalie I'm not as keen on as I was some of the other heroines in the series...she walks just shy of being TSTL and not as tough as Cyn, Lana and all.

The story is fast paced with something happening every minutes with all the twists and turns we expect from DBR....Love Christian and love Vampires in America....how long til the next book???? huh huh huh???

5 shining stars from a favourite author and the confidence that the next book will be as good as all the previous books! ...Don't miss out on Christian..it is available NOW!  

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