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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Review: Out of Time by Beth Flynn Book 2 of the Nine Minute Series

I'm in a daze, I'm feeling overwhelmed and I think I'm experiencing my first book hangover. What a read!!! The fact that I have had to take a few days break before I wrote this review is telling. What a ride yes my head is spinning. This is no simple book but a complex creation of twists, turns, and down right head trauma no no I'm not exaggerating. Beth Flynn uses every trick in a writer's tool belt to wring every emotion possible out of the reader. Using both flashes to the past and current day points of view as vehicles to reveal different aspects of the characters and also ways to move the plot in a intrictly choreographed plot where every detail counts. This is not a story you can skim.

This is not a stand a lone novel you need to read Nine Minutes as the cliffhanger from that novel is the beginning of this one. The story is dark in many ways full of secrets both revealed and held, hope, love, lies, betrayal, death and mostly family. Moving through the story we go from the present into the past to reveal motives and answer those outstanding questions from book 1. We also pose many more questions where we are left hanging for the final book in the trilogy.

A second book in a trilogy is difficult as it is more a vehicle to move the story forward and reveal more about the characters as we learn more and they become fully dimensional. This makes most book 2s a bit tedious but that did not happen in this novel I found myself completely wrapped up in the drama and I was done before I even knew it. Yes, there is a bit of a cliffy on this one too...after all all three novels are one continuous story.

Kit, Grizz and Grunt are all the same but more in this novel. We learn a lot more about Grunt/Tommy and his motivation behind some of his action. Ginny I thought was a bit more of a whiner but it was a confusing time for her. I know I personally can't wait to find out what happens, who will be with who and how BF is going to write a satisfying ending.

41/2 strong stars riding a motorcycle for this second instalment of the Nine minutes series. I can't wait for book 3. I also can't wait to see where Beth Flynn directs her talent next. This is a must read for those who like MC novels or novels with a bit of darkness and grit.

I would like to thank the author and publisher for providing me with a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review.

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