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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Released Today!!! Review: Commanded by Stacey Kennedy A Club Sin Novel

I tend to enjoy Stacey Kennedy's Club Sin series, they are a quick, sweet read with BDSM lite elements and wonderful characters so when I saw that the newest one was up on Netgalley I just had to request a copy in exchange for an honest review. My thanks to the publishers. 

If you read book 5 in the series Porter's story you will remember meeting Chloe our heroine and how enamoured Sawyer our hero was when he saw her. This novel picks up on that attraction after Sawyer's babysister was assaulted by her boyfriend and Sawyer hired Chloe to help find the ba*tard. The read is quick and enjoyable, Chloe is a really positive character and I really liked her. Sawyer took a bit more but I really like that he didn't hide or deny his attraction to her. I REALLY love that SK put a fresh and unusual spin on the story and took the couple in a different direction. I don't want to go into detail because I think you all need to read the story and see what I mean. For me this uniqueness gave the story .5 star more than I would have given it if she had followed her usual formula. Thanks for thinking outside the box SK. 

Again like other books in the series this is very much BDSM light with the emphasis on BD and in this case light bondage. I would recommend this story over some of the others in the series since there is a bit more of a suspense element which kicked the story up a notch and with the unique twist I have to award this novel a 3.5 star rating rounding it up to 4 and it gets a t'irla recommendation for those who love light BDSM and a wonderfully sweet caring relationship in their hero and heroine. This novel will be released July 7, 2015 so preorder now that way you won't forget. Great Beach read.

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