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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Review: Vision in Silver by Anne Bishop Book 3 in "The Others" series.

A series that not only meets the bar in Urban Fantasy but brings the bar to a whole new level. In this third book in Anne Bishop's innovative series "The Others" she once again brings readers into this world of nature vs man and makes us look at our world through different eyes. I did listen to this novel in audio form and the narrator was incredible. 

Anne Bishop joins Ilona Andrews and Jim Butcher in the royalty of Urban Fantasy writers. I know she has worn that crown in regular fantasy fiction for many years but this series switches it up and brings the paranormal to the fore front. Not only does she create a world that startling in it's differences but also in it's sameness to our world, this allows the reader to understand the hidden messages in the story regarding environmental concerns, geopolitical issues and the arrogance and blindness of the human condition. All this in an entertaining, yet very detailed story of Shifters/Vampires and other paranormals getting learning that not all human's are alike. 

I have to admit this series has become an obsession for me. I mark on the calendar when the next book is out and count off the days. I was hooked in the first quarter of Written in Red and those hooks remained deep as I read book 2 and now book 3 in this exceptional series. In this novel the tension between the others and the humans comes to a head through violence and subterfuge and yet the "others" also learn that not all human's are equal and they learn to care about the human "pack". 

The readers is kept on their toes as they try to puzzle out the first third of the book as so many different things are happening at once but hang in there it all comes to light through tragedy and terrorism. I loved the subtleties that AB uses in moving the story and it's relationship along such as "the" meg turning into "our" Meg and now we have "the" LIzzie and we see after the first inital outburst how the community slowly adapts and adopts her. I am not going to go into the story line too specifically because I don't want to spoil it for those of you who haven't read it but also because the story is so involved you really need to start at book 1 and read through all the novels to experience what this story has to offer. 

Admittedly this novel is a vehicle for the story and has allowed AB to introduce different forces and new elements into the story and the focus is not just on Meg and Simon's relationship as in the first two books, yes they are both main characters in the story but you see much more of Officer's Monte's life and times as well as several new characters who have been introduced. This novel is the perfect set up for the next which is going to blow the reader away and I personally can't wait...I mean that I literally can't wait and think Anne Bishop needs to write faster or get a clone so she can dedicate herself to this novel. Hrms..does that sound a bit selfish?? What can I say I adore this series. The writing is exceptional, the story intelligent and the characters are ones that the reader genuinely cares about. I could go on and on and gush further but I will not bore you all, I just need to say I give this my HIGHEST recommendation. 

5 golden twinkling stars for this wonderful novel and I urge you to buy the series and enter into a world like no others. You really need to meet Meg, Monte, Lizzy and the rest of the human pack and all the "Others".

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  1. I was thrilled to see this review, T! Like you, I'm a calendar watcher for the next release in this exceptional series. So pleased that you, too, see all the finer, deeper social elements inside the story. My short-take is AB asks the question, What if the Earth could talk back? The answers are complex, emotional, intriguing and exciting, as are the characters who speak them.

    Before reading, I'd heard that she was continuing the series despite initially planning a trilogy. (Woo hoo!) Great call. Her world is just too big, too important for 3 books. Therefore, in Visions in Silver, we are left with many new questions, yet satisfied with this installment's answers and ending. IMO? Anne Bishop has truly elevated the UF genre to fine literature with The Others. 5 glorious stars everywhere I could from this devoted fan. Thank you again, t'irla, for a lovely review. And to Ms. Bishop: Thank you! Now please get back to writing this wondrous tale - fast :)