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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Review: Silver Bastard by Joanna Wylde Book 1 in the Silver Valley Series

WOW! What an amazing read. I'm a great fan of Joanna Wylde's Reaper's MC series and have been looking forward to this novel since I finished Picnic's story. I am definitely not disappointed! I have to thank Netgalley for allowing me to read this for an honest review so my wait is not quite as long as your's. *smile* It is good to be a blogger *grin* Oh and I have to say the cover is major HAWT!! I actually have it as the wallpaper on my desktop. 

Silver Bastard is definitely a stand alone novel and though there are appearances from characters in the Reaper's MC series you do not need to have read that series to enjoy this novel. 

JW writes some of the best MC characters in the genre today, they are so multi faceted and she allows them to grow as the story progresses. I also like how the backgrounds of the characters are filled in quickly so that the reader understands why the different characters act the way they do. Although this novel is very much character driven the story itself is more than just a vehicle for the characters to get together. There is an edge, and grit that I look forward to in MC novels. These dark elements give the adventure and intrigue in the story more depth which allows the characters to show who they are or who they were and how they have changed. 

The novel is very fast paced and I know I couldn't put it down...I admit to seeing the sky lighten in the morning because I was up all night reading. Sure sign of a good book! Now for my warnings. Yes, there are dark elements in this book including reluctant sex and underage sex. This is not used gratuitously and is needed for you to understand the characters and how they got to be where they are and how the relationships of many of the characters connect. 

I have to say it was really great to see the male lead Puck be the one to develop feelings first. This is so unusual in today's romances we usually have the female leads being all angsty over the hero. This novel give this love story a really novel twist and is just too good to miss. 

My rating is a 4.5 stars! and I totally can't wait for the next on in the series. Thanks Joanna for another great MC read! Keep them coming. A gold star recommendation from me...so mark on your calendars APRIL 7, 2015 for release day...or better yet preorder now so you won't forget!!!

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