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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Review: Outlaw by Nicole James Book 1 in The Outlaw Series

I admit I love Biker books, let me qualify this full length biker books with a hint of dark so when I read the burb for this on Netgalley I had to request it. Luckily they did give me the novel in exchange for an honest review. So I started reading the book. First couple of chapters I though hrms....seems a bit choppy and kinda "Sons of Anarchyesque" but I had to keep reading cause that is just the way I'm built:) 

Over all Outlaw had a lot of potential, I like the premise and storyline. I thought over all the characters were ok but I did love the secondary characters in the MC. But there were some pretty big issues. 

I need to start by saying that there are definitely triggers in this book for some people and I think the publisher should have a warning marked in the blurb. This is not the writer's fault so...on to the issues

1. Choppy: the story felt disjointed as if it was several stories blended together but not a smooth blend. 
2. Consistancy: Especially in Cole's character it was like he had a Multiple personality disorder or he was playing at trying to be something he was not. In the last 1/3 of the book it was like he was trying to channel one of Kristen Ashley's alpha main characters as his speech patterns sounded like signature KA. 
3. Too Discriptive: In places it seemed to drag and I think it was because NJ got overly discriptive in places. 
4. Believablity: Several issues here..Angel was abused and raped. Taken by a biker she didn't know and was scared out of her mind ..2 nights later she was f&cking him. HUH? Mack was never held accountable for a 3 year seperation WHAT? Natalie connects with Mack and falls into bed with him in 24 hours...nothing in her character to that point signaled that this was part of her personality. It was like all the characters were suddenly someone else in the last 1/2 of the book. 
5. Stubborn: ok, there is stubborn and there is ridiculous. Angel's stubborness after finding out about Cole went on way way way too long..was just crazy and got to the point where I was just over it. 

Don't get me wrong there was much to like about the book. Cole although a bit to soft in places was a likable character. Angel was someone you could sympathize with although I don't think I really connected with the way I did with Cole. Cole's dirty talk was swoon worthy and HAWT! Meeting some of the other clubs was cool, I"m assuming Nicole James is going to go somewhere in future books with these clubs and that is why there were introduced. There was so much potential in this novel and pieces of it were extremely good. Unfortunately it was in desperate need of editing both for story and for typos. 

I gave the novel 3 stars mostly because I asked myself "Would I read the next in the series" and I answered yes if it was .99 or less. So there was enough in the book to make me curious. Would I recommend it...not at this point in the series.

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