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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Dark Debt: Book 11 in the Chicagoland Vampires series by Chloe Neill

I love this series...one of my top 5 all time PNR/UF series and Chloe Neill did not let me down! I once again got exactly what I expect from Ethan, Merit and the gang. Humor, fast action, kicking bad guy ass, and awesome byplay between Ethan and Merit, a fast paced story that keeps me reading until dawn. For me this is one of the most consistent series in the UF/PNR universe and although CN can through us some curve balls once in a while of something completely unexpected she writes with a eye to the prize using all kinds of different vehicles to keep the story progressing forward.

My one complaint and it is a silly one...is enough already let E and M get engaged. We the readers have been taunted, teased, lead astray and finally we want completion already! LOL The love story between Ethan and Merit has been a long strung out affair and we need it to come full circle so we can get on with all the new things that will challenge the relationship. I also want more of the shifters. I adore Gabriel and the pack and would like to see more story/page time given to them. These are only wants and have nothing to do with how good this story is...I admit to fangirling here.

If you are new to the Chicagoland Vampires series you really should start with the first book so that you can appreciate all the nuances of the stories and the relationships between characters. Many of the secondary characters are repeats from book to book and although this is a story driven series. The relationships are the vehicles that keeps the story moving so it is important to have everything in context.

It was great to see more of Navarre House since they have been pretty mysterious in the past and the insight we got into Catcher and Mallory was wonderful and not in your face but steadily fed to the reader through several chapters...brilliant!

Can you tell I was really happy with this novel? and now I'm done *whine* and I have to wait for the next one. Why do I always rush through each novel in this wonderful series then at the end think I should have savoured it more? I do look on the bright side though. Netgalley provided me with this novel for an honest review so I can unashamedly go and purchase the audiobook and get my second dose of Dark Debt!

5 brilliant shiny stars for this edition of Chicagoland Vampires and a fangirl push to all of you who have not yet started this series. What the heck are you waiting for???? go ...go NOW...buy it and sit back and enjoy the ride!


  1. T - I love you all the more for loving the CLV series! So good to know this entry is right up there with the best of them. CN never lets me down. Though, I agree - Ethan! Ask her to marry you already! Lol Another outstanding review, T. I always look forward to what I must read next. xxx

  2. It is great to hear that Dark Debt was so great