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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Nine Minutes by Beth Flynn

Read on November 17, 2014

So much chatter about this novel, good, bad, confused but everyone has an opinion and a book that spurs that much emotion and conflict is one I just *had* to read. Then I heard the female protagonist was 15 years old and I kinda stepped back, I don't have a load of hard limits but pedophilia is some place I do not go ever! Some of my Goodread friends explained it was *like that* I wasn't sure what "like that" means but hell I decided I would bravely give it a go. I am so glad I did it was an amazing book.

Beth Flynn is a brand new author and I can't believe this is her novel, the crafting of the story, the decisions on how to portray sex and friendships. She spins the kidnapping and the relationship in a way that you don't dwell on her age as much as on her feelings and his treatment. The characters both primary and secondary all have a role in the greater story and it was really important that attention is paid to every character who turns up in the story line.

I personally would not call this novel a romance I would call it an emotional story with romantic elements and a lot of suspense with a dash of mystery. I started reading it with the plan to stop when a novel I had been anxiously waiting for released, that idea was scrapped when I started the novel and didn't put it down until I was done the story. 4am....I read without a break....and was blown away. The end quarter provided so many twists and turns it just does your head in....I have seen it referred to as a mind f*ck and it truly was that. There is a kinda resolution but also a cliffhanger. I personally hate cliffys however this was acceptable but I still can't wait until book 2 is released, I will be jumping on it immediately.

So is this novel for the faint at heart? No, there are some very graphic scenes of violence but not as graphic as Madeline Sheehan or Susan Fanetti that being said ..The age of Kit/Gin adds that dash of the forbidden and could be a trigger. Is there unage sex yes but Ms. Flynn fades out the sex is not described...

Overall this is not a comfortable book to read, it is not light but very dark in some places. If you are looking for a feel good read this is not a book for you however, if you are looking for a dark, emotional well written novel with outstanding characters and makes you think and has you thinking about it days later then you definitely *MUST* read this book. One of the best reads of 2014 5 star rating with a HIGH HIGH t'irla recommendation.

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