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Friday, July 18, 2014

Accidental Seal: Book 1 S.E.A.L Brotherhood

Read from July 16 to 18, 2014 
Audiobook. Narrator: J.D. Hart

I love heroes who are military...these hunky alpha men just do it for me, so it was with excitement that I started this series by a new to me author Sharon Hamilton.

I read the blurb and was totally sold! So decided to listen to it on audiobook, this was a mistake...hated the narrator, he was stilted and it sounded like he was reading, it was very uncomfortable. I debated doing a DNF on this book based on the narrator, I decided however to press on, the story started out a bit confusing and I had to work at following the story. I was about 1/2 or more through before I got comfortable with SH's style of writing. It seemed distracted and choppy but had a lot of potential. 

The characters, I didn't really connect with them. It just was a bit TSTL...why? Lets start with the heroine Christy; She is weak, jumped into bed with a guy after he attacked her...even though it was a misunderstanding what women agrees to go out with her attacker and jumps into bed with him...then gets all bent out of shape when he just wanted a quick romp? Then jumps into bed with him again and is suddenly in love...then runs away because he once again said he didn't want a relationship....ridiculous.
Kyle: I wanted to like him but what alpha male does the I want her...I don't want her, I want her...no no no...yes..no...he acted like a real jerk..sleeping with her..making her think there might be more then dumping her...not once, not twice but 3 times! Can you say as$hole? 

In the last 1/8th of the book the action finally ramped up and we got some decent action scenes and some tragedy...but there were so many things that either didn't make sense or was left dangling. It could be that some of the threads will be picked up in future books but it left this one wanting. Two instances of this is Armando's sister and her child..or no child? Also, what is the purpose of Gunny and the oldsters he recruited in San Francisco..seemed a big deal that came to a big zero! 

All this being said the premise was good...the idea just needed to be crafted better. Perhaps the use of an editor and beta readers would have made the story and writing a bit more cohesive. I give this a 2 star rating but that being said I will try book 2 Cooper's story cause he intrigued and I believe the narrator is different..crossing my fingers that Sharon Hamilton grew a bit as a writer for this next SEAL outing. 

Note:  The narrator is the same in book 2 but he seems to have loosened up at least in the first 10%.  t'irla

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  1. That's too bad, T. Perhaps read book 2 instead? Thanks for the review, though. Always get the straight story from you. xxxxx