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Sunday, April 27, 2014


Reread via Audiobook April 27, 2014

I totally stand by my original review. I loved this book...the issues I had when listening was same I had when listening. The narrator did a great job..and it was actually scarier when listening almost like watching an episode of Sons of Anarchy. Yes it is dark, yes there is cheating, violence and nasty biker sh*t but I loved every minute of it. I have bought books 2 and 3 on audio and am looking forward to listening!
4-4.5 stars...

First read October 22, 2013

Gitty, dark, horrifying, with cheating, forced sex, and everything a true biker club would give you. I can understand the 1 star ratings for this book. It will appeal to a very select group of readers who can understand that this is a look into the darker side of life. The whole biker lifestyle was given a CR reality check with this novel.

I liked the innocence that MS gave Eva and how as a child raised in the biker lifestyle how she was more excepting of people with that vibe from a young age. If Deuce was attracted to Eva at 5 or 12 then yes the peodofile label might be true but it wasn't until she was 16 that he saw her as a woman. No, he should not have acted on it and yes he was schooled because of it. But this did add to the darkness and grittiness of the story.

The look into the psyche of these people was fascinating. The book drew me in and didn't let go until the ending. I really enjoyed it. That being said I was told by someone that it did have a HEA, I'm not sure I could have read it not knowing that it would somehow work out. This is a great character study and a plot that keeps your attention and grips you. I admit to shedding tears, and getting angry but all that is a sign of a good writer.

I gave the book 4 stars...in some ways it was a 5 star read for me because I really enjoyed it the only reason it wasn't for me is because I felt Eva went from sweet to a spoilt teenage/YA really quickly. I would like to have seen some of the sweet traits that I loved at the beginning of the story to peak thru more in her character at the end. I understand the reference to the chucks was some of that but I would like to have seen it in her speech.

I would recommend this book but you must have a tolerance for a very dark story and be aware there is nothing sweet about this book. Thanks MS for a great read.


  1. Great review, T. And thanks for the needed warning. While I haven't read Undeniable yet, I have to comment on the realism. Books like this need to be written, especially with the current MC book craze. The reality is many MCs are very rough and can get quite ugly. But most books, while entertaining as hell, don't really show how dark it can really get. I almost feel like there should be a responsibility disclaimer, like with BDSM, that you don't go messing around in a biker bar because you read a few books and think it's hot. That said...onto the TBR!

    1. Totally agree Cinda, I have read a few on the "dark" side where there is murder, rape, drugs etc...good stories but even they are not really near the truth. I lived next door a MC clubhouse in my younger years and knew several of the guys...and very few are as nice as portrayed in the books. Thanks for liking my review...I am listening to book 2 in this series now...it seems good too..but just started it:)