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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Predator's Claim

Read on April 01, 2014 

I adore this series, Gemini Island Shifters has a firm place on my favorites shelf. The characters, the steam, the wonderful plots and the humour all makes for a fantastic novel. 

In this outing our friend Bart who we have met in previous GIS books finally gets his story. If you have read any of the others in the series we know Bart has been in love with Charlotte for years. In this book he finally catches his wolf. 

I consider this a coming of age book in so many ways. Rosanna Leo crafts her characters in a way that you learn about them a little at a time. In this novel all the tidbits we were fed in previous novels come together and our characters finally grow to understand themselves and their motivations. It was wonderful to see Bart grow into the strong alpha we knew he could be...and the alpha we knew Charlotte would need. Charlotte on the other hand had to look to forgive herself and allow herself to love. I adored seeing her stand with Bart against his pack and support him. The Charlotte we knew from Macie's book would never have done that. 

RL weaves her plot around the characters allowing them to be the vehicle that drives the story forward. The touches of intrigue and confrontation keeps the readers cheering on the characters. I know I personally wanted to smack Flynn and Fletcher and spank Bart's sister's butt. The twist near the end caught me by surprise and I just love that. 

Another blockbuster of a novel for Rosanna Leo and 5 bright shiny stars. I can't wait to see who Rosanna's next victim will be but I suspect it will be from the Lodge's security force.. If you haven't delved into the Gemini Island books..don't wait, treat yourself and pick up the series today. 

Note:I was given this book by the author for an honest review

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  1. Thanks for a wonderful review, t'irla. I am so appreciative of your words and so honored to have that spot with your other faves.