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Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I've been waiting Six LONG months for this book and I was so excited when Author B.N. Toler gave it to me early so that I could write an honest review.  

Hybrid is the second book in the Healer Series and picks up where Healer left off.  We find Aldo with her brothers and still crushing on Rhett.  But in this book we see her grow into herself and a become the beginning of the woman she is going to be.  Aldo is 20 years old for the most part in this novel and we see her take on more adult themes and experience more sizzle and spice than went on in the previous book.  

Once again B. N. Toler's fresh perspective on the genre has made this a must read book.  Urban Fantasy?  Paranormal Romance?  This book has it all.  The plot is fast moving and it kept me up all night literally reading I just couldn't put it down.  I couldn't believe when I finished the book it is 5:45am and I hadn't yet slept.  It just kept in it's grasp and wouldn't let go...there was no place to stop and I just didn't want to anyway.  

We learn more about Aldo's enemies and about Aldo herself and how she came to be with Lucy.  We even learn more about Lucy and who she was prior to taking on the triplets.  We see more of Whit and Hudson in the first part of the book and it puts our mind at ease that they are happy and doing well.  As the story continues we are introduced to a whole new cast of characters who will become lynch pins in Aldo's life.  Yes some of these characters are male, hawt and beautiful.  The steam came off the pages in clouds!  

The crafting of the characters was genius.  Aldo's character begins to have more depth and becomes at first someone you wanna smack but gradually as we read and she learns there is a depth there that can't help but touch the reader and make you feel what she is going through with her confusion of her love life.  Her attraction to things and people she felt she should not be attracted.  Daniel, on the other hand grasps you because of the mystery surrounding him and his life.  We get glimpses of his life and what made him the man he became but we have the knees knocked out from under us as we get into the last 1/4 of the book. Each of the secondary characters jump from the page.  Eileen is hilarious, Flynn is fun loving and Bridge needs a kick in the ass.  

I personally can't wait for the next book in this incredible series.  Another 5 star review for Ms. Toler and a huge! recommendation to read this novel...in fact if you have not yet discovered the Healer Series book 1 THE HEALER is currently on sale at Amazon for .$.99 so drop everything and one click it NOW. 

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  1. Wow, T! Great review! I just bought Hybrid and have Healer (which I bought based on your previous review) as next on my TBR. Yeah, it's taken me that long to wind through the giant pile. But now it's ready and having book 2 is fabulous! Thank, sweetie, for keeping your blog going; I trust your reviews and look forward to my T Talk every week. BNT: Looking forward to the Healer world!