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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hard As You Can

Read from March 05 to 06, 2014

I'm loving this series, Laura Kaye blends suspense, ex military, tattoo artists, bikers, drug dealers, human traffickers and romance and comes out with a blockbuster novel. 

Hard As You Can is the 2nd book in the Hard Ink series and continues the story from the first novel. Let me be clear each book contains it's own romance and there is a story arc that continues from book 1 into book 2 unresolved. This arc is really the basis of the series and what brings all the characters together . Then the chemistry between the H/H takes the story in a new direction. 

Laura Kaye's characters are marvelous. They jump out of the pages at you. In this novel you can't help but love Shane. He is alpha but has a tenderness about him that gives him a bit of a softer edge than most of today's heroes. This tenderness makes him perfect for our heroine Crystal who needs some kid glove treatment after what she has been through in her young life. You can't help but feel the emotions each of these characters bring to this romance and the fear that moves the story along. LK's secondary characters are supportive and have their own individual characteristics and no two are even close to being the same. 

The plot has an edge, a rawness to it that makes it believable and keeps you turning page after page to see what happens. There is enough steam to keep the ER readers happy but a lot of suspense to keep the SR readers right with the ER readers. Over all a great book that takes you on the fast track and keeps going so fast you never want to get off. 

I give this novel 5 stars as it has everything I love in a romantic suspense novel and more. I can't wait to read Easy and Jenna's story in the novella that will be out shortly. If you haven't met the Guys and Gals from Hard Ink Give it a shot trust me you will be buying book 2 before you finish book 1! Enjoy!

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