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Monday, January 13, 2014

Predator's Refuge

Read from January 11 to 12, 2014

What can I say? I love Gemini Island Shifters! I fell in love with Rosanna Leo's BearShifters in her first two books in this series (if you haven't read them you really MUST) and now she presents me with a damaged TigerShifter with an accent who is royalty..how can a girl resist!!!

In the first two books of the series we met Marci, a young LynxShifter who was sweet, fun and a bit daring. Her play for Soren in book 2 didn't work out and she found herself in an embarrassing situation but she put that behind her and focused on doing her best to succeed at the Ursa Lodge. I loved Marci she was the definite ingenue of the Island. In this story Marci became a fully dimensional character, we learned more about her feelings and why she worked so hard. I connected with her character and was completely there when she was feeling frustrated, angry and humiliated. It was wonderful to watch her attraction grow from physical lust to deeper and more meaningful love as she interacted with Anton.

Anton our TigerShifter was damaged as a child and I just adore damaged heroes. He chose to escape his past and the feelings it brought out in him by removing himself from his past behaviours and now geographically to Gemini Island. It was truly refreshing to find a big dominate alpha hero with insecurities and who over thought everything. We often see this in our heroines but not our heroes. The great thing is that these thoughts and feelings did not take away from his masculinity and "alphaness". Connecting with Anton and getting to understand him throughout the novel was a journey and when we reached the conclusion the reader just could do nothing but feel overjoyed that he found what he needed to be at peace with himself and happy with his life.

The plot moved along at a rapid rate and that made this a fast and enjoyable read. The intrigue, twists and turns of the plot brought a new dimension to this series. I loved that there was more suspense and that the whodunit aspect became more mysterious.

I love Rosanna Leo's writing style it is fun and easy to read but it is even more fun as I follow this series seeing her grow and become more adventurous. Kudo's my friend for another wonderful story and I can't wait for the next Gemini Island Shifter novel!

4.5 stars for this fun, refreshing, immersing read! If you haven't met the Shifters of Gemini Island I recommend you run out and get them now. One of the best shifter series to step into the market in a long time. Predator's Refuge could be read as a standalone but the Snow brothers are well worth the investment. Don't miss out!

*note this novel was given to me by the author for an honest review*

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  1. Great interview, T! And it sounds like Rosanna Leo's done it again - woot! *scurries off to Amazon*