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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Read November 26, 2013 **One of t'irla's 2013 Best Reads!!!**

Wow! I'm almost at a loss for words and that is saying something. I wish I could remember who recommended this novel so that I can thank them.

This was truly an emotional roller coaster. I chuckled, I got mad, I had my heart tugged, I cried..a few times and through it all a warmth enveloped me and comforted it. This book was an amazing read. Amy Harmon is a new to me author and I am definitely going to have to seek out more of her writing. The way she crafts her characters to create a story is frankly unique.

Fern was achingly ackward, fiercely loyal and totally believable. Ambrose as seen through Fern's eyes was slightly over the top but then what guy seen through the eyes of love isn't? Bailey, *sigh* Bailey was my emotional hero, Amy Harmon created a love triangle that was pure and brave and so sweet it made my heart hurt.

The story was that of love and faith the ability to believe: in God, in yourself, in your friends, in your family and in love. The story was about connections and the power of loss. The loss of friends, the loss of love, the loss of security, the loss of self image and about the ability to come back from loss and have faith. The story was about relationships. The strength of love between family members, between friends, between mentors, between three young people who build an unlikely relationship that brought healing and sorrow.

I can't say enough great things about this novel. Yes, there was a lot of steam between Fern and Ambrose and I would have liked it to go a bit further because the build up and chemistry was so hot it tingled. However, there didn't need to be outright sex to make this story edgy and hawt.

I also have to mention that Amy Harmon writes the most beautiful poetry and her words will leave a mark you will never forget.

I have to give this novel a 5 Bear rating. Any novel that can make you feel all the emotion this one did and leave you feeling warm and fuzzy and just plain feeling good yet dwells on your mind even days later, to me is a classic read and one everyone really needs to experience. Do yourself a favor make Making Faces your next read. 


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