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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Worth the Fight

After a bit of a rocky start where I was questioning the quality of the writing it took off and never looked back.

I absolutely loved the characters of Elle and Nico. They were perfect for each other both with pieces of them broken and they only had the experience to heal each other.  The characters were fully evolved and the crafting of the story once you get past the first couple chapters is outstanding.  Emotionally this book takes you all around the spectrum..love, hate, fear, pain and self pity.

This is a sweet romance with characters you will love and a strong story line to back up the solid characters.  I loved how equally matched this couple was for each other.  Both fighting their own demons but both reaching for that one person who will understand them best and help them heal.

If you love a strong MMA fighter and heroine with a backbone..this is a great story for you.  Vi Keeland is a great up and coming author I encourage you all to discover her clever writing and wonderful characters

solid 4 bear read and a recommendation!


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