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Monday, August 5, 2013


Read from August 01 to 03, 2013

Ok, Vampires, motorcycles, Vampires on Motorcycles in a MC Club...nough Said!!!


Kane 'Viper' Tepes is one of the oldest living descendants of Vlad III. Vampire is in his blood. So is being the President of the Sons of Sangue. Those who break motorcycle club rules that protect their coven are dealt swift punishment. No exceptions. Until one pretty little detective has him compromising his beliefs, and endangering his position as head of the MC.

Vampire had Cara Brahnam turning tail and leaving behind her life in Pleasant. Now, ten years later, she's back as lead detective and wants to see the person responsible for draining the women of Lane County brought to justice, no matter what deal the gang of miscreants has struck with the sheriff. Or the fact that her number one suspect is the sole reason she fled in the first place.

Now someone has targeted Cara as the next victim and Kane must join in the hunt to find the ancient vampire that wants her dead.

My Thoughts:

I liked it...has all the things I loved in it. Vampires, bad boys, motorcycle clubs and combining all three is awesome!!!!

The book itself has a "dark" feel to it with the "Rave" and Viper's mental outlook on life. It is gritty, edgy, and exactly what I like in some of my MC books. I liked the realistic points woven into the story. The fact that MC are on the "other" side of the law, that these ones will kill people to protect their 'truth'. The plot was a bit plodding at times but usually when there is a world to build such as the MC club in this one the first book of a series tends to be a bit slower than book that come later. I thought PR did a fabulous job at character building and even her secondary characters were strong. I enjoyed that the 'villain' of the piece was only connected through Viper's ex. I am sure we have not seen the last of her for some reason.

I think I have 2 big complaints which is why this book lost a star for me. I didn't *feel* the connection with Kane and Cara. I felt the tension, the attraction but not the love. It was more possession. I really wanted to *feel* Viper's love for Cara. I also felt the ending was really rushed. Like the author said "oh damn, it was only supposed to be X number of pages long better end it" I'm sure that is not what really happened but that is what I felt. I would like to have seen one or two more of the different threads tied up than what she did at the ending. Or elaborate on some so that we know it will be addressed in a forthcoming book. However, her characters are strong and I can't wait to read Viper's twins book. I already feel the chemistry between those 2 characters.

A solid 4 bear read for me and I am looking forward to the next book in this series. If you like dirty, gritty biker stories and PNR this is a great book for you:) 

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