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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Soul Mates

Read from April 14 to 15, 2013

What do time travel, highlander, billionaire, and witches all have in common-Soul Mates of course.


Pulled Back Through Time, Shandelle Is Caught Between An Enduring Love And A Wizard’s Magic

In the beginning of time, one soul splits into two. Lifetime after lifetime, the two souls are reborn and seek to reunite. Like a beacon of light from heaven above, their light shines for each other. Without the other, there is only darkness. A wonderful blessing that can only come from a deeply-bonded love, the sharing of one soul can also be a black curse if something disrupts the moment of their coming together.

Ireland 1323... Donovan, chieftain of the Clan O'Brien, has unsuccessfully searched his entire adult life, to the detriment of his clan and all those around him, for that elusive possession that will bring his soul peace. He doesn't know what it is, but he will give up everything to find it. One day, he is summoned by the Wizard and told the secret of his obsession—his soul mate. She is no longer living in his time, but there is a way to bring her back to him.

Phoenix 2013... Shandelle and Ian are embarking on their new life together. She is everything Ian ever wanted but never realized he needed before he met her. Shandelle is a generous soul who lives to make Ian and everyone around her happy. Unfortunately for them both, evil is stalking them. The blood bond duty of a close friend brings betrayal and evil into their lives. How were they to know that the death of a six-year-old girl in the early fourteenth century could have such grave consequences on their lives today?

*****Given the book by the author in exchange for an honest review******

My Thoughts:

I have to start off by saying Time Travel is normally not my thing however when it involves sexy highlanders I tend to make exceptions:) I am really torn regarding this book, I loved 75% of it especially the Ian/Shadelle story line. I also enjoyed the beginning of Donovan's story when Shannon was young and she met Aengus. I love Aengus's character and would love to read more about him. I enjoyed Shandelle's friendship with her girls and the interaction between them. Sandy Wolters did a fine job creating characters which the reader could relate. Where she lost me was mostly with Donovan...hated him!! I wasn't sure if he was a bad guy or a good guy who lost his way or what. He betrayed his people by being so selfish he couldn't get past himself. He had no consideration for anyone's feelings but his own..he actually reminded me of a petulant 4 year old. I also couldn't figure out the reason for a couple of the characters as they didn't add anything to the story. Taylor being one and Niall being the other. But perhaps if this novel turns into a series light will be shed on SW's reasons.

There are 2 things that I know some of my fellow reviewers had a hard time with because they stretched their limits of acceptable. I didn't really have an issue with either of these things. However, I was a bit put out when the intimacy continued over a 2 month span. Connected to this I couldn't figure out why Ian was not more upset about it.

So how does one rate a book with a 75/25 split? I have been mulling this over for a few days. I liked the interaction between characters, I liked part one of the book, I liked the original protagonists. I didn't like the "villian" and there were a few other quirks I mentioned above but over all I think it was a good story and I think people who enjoy time travel novels and sexy highlanders and billionaires will really enjoy it.

Therefore I rate this a 3.5 bears read and a recommendation to people who love time travel books to pick this up. Sandy Wolters is an up and coming author with a big future ahead of her.

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  1. WOW! Great blog...so sexy and beautiful

    1. Thanks so much!!!I appreciate the kind words. I haven't been at this very long but I am having lots of fun with it:)