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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Oliver's Hunger

t'irla ~The BookSlayer~'s review
Read from April 05 to 06, 2013

A little bit for everyone Suspense, romance, steam, vampires-Good read for a cold night.


Newly turned vampire and Scanguards bodyguard Oliver has trouble controlling his thirst for blood. Every night is a struggle against temptation, but when Asian beauty Ursula literally falls into his arms, he fears he will lose the battle over his inner demons and succumb to bloodlust.

Enslaved by vampires for her special blood, Ursula has just escaped her captors. She’s rescued by a handsome stranger, only to realize that he’s a vampire. He claims he wants to help her, but can she trust a vampire who’s not only lusting after her body, but also her blood?

Her promise to rescue her fellow blood whores compels her to join forces with Oliver and his colleagues at Scanguards. Will her choice lead to her salvation or her downfall?

My Thoughts:

I have to admit I was a bit disappointed in this book. I loved Oliver's character through out the series and really looked forward to reading his story and find out who his mate was going to be. I thought Ursula would be a good mate for him but I had a really hard time warming up and connecting with her. The more I read of her background the less I found her believable. Her parents were diplomats from China which means at most she was 1st generation American. I just didn't see the cultural differences that would be glaring obvious in a 1st gen. I understood her hesitation to trust but I just couldn't *feel* it. I also was disappointed in how the rest of the Scanguards treated Oliver it just didn't seem in character, well except for Zane and he was a major a$$hole in this novel which again put me off cause I thought he would mellow out a bit since his story. But Maya etc woah over the top. My last issue was with Blake and Oliver, I get that there is a sibling rivalry there but with Oliver's age and the fact he had been on his own for a long time again I had a believablity issue.

Putting this all aside I did enjoy the story and there were many parts of the book I did like so for me this is a 3 Bear read and I can't wait for the next book. I know it will be better.

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  1. You put that very well T..now I don't have to write my review - I can just leave it 3 stars and wordless. You expressed my feeling as well

    1. Thanks Paris, glad you agree, it was a difficult book to review since I love the series and the character.