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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Rereading: Do you love meeting your favorite characters again?

Like so many of us Bookofiles (not sure if that is a word) we love to read.  Some of us will read anything we can get our hands on, others stick with one genre, but who of us do rereads? I was thinking about this partially because in 2012 and a much loved friend introduced me to audio-books  and it has fast become my favorite venue of rereading.

 I was never a big reread fan.  I was always on to the next book, unless I was going through books like crazy and didn't have the money or time to get new ones.  When I was 10 I had to wait til my Grandmother was done her Harlequin Romances before I could grab them to read so I created a small cache of favorites that I would read over and over.  I also would go back and just reread the last couple chapters so I could experience the happily ever after endings again.

 I then grew up and at 13 I discovered Piers Anthony and he opened a whole new world of Xanth for me and I fell into reading fantasy after Xanth, it was The Dragons of Pern and Anne McCaffrey which to this day remains a favorite.  I read fantasy for years then in my early 20s I discovered the wonderful world of mystery/suspense and pyscho thrillers and I would get lost in solving crimes, try to spot the traitor, Russian submarines and handsome policemen.  This is when I started what I call author reading.  I would find an author that I loved and buy up every book they wrote but I confess I missed my romance.

 Several years ago I found myself suddenly housebound and bored outta my mind when a good friend dropped off some movies to watch.  One of these movies was Twilight.  Now Twilight in my opinion was not a great movie...in fact in some places it was "bad", however I was intrigued and decided to see if it was based on a book.  Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the rest of the world had found these books and there was a Twi horde taking over the world.  I traveled to my local Costco and purchased all 4 books and read them, then read them again, Re-watched the movie..ok maybe it wasn't so bad. Then read them again.  I had heard Facebook someone talking about True Blood and I was off to buy the entire Southern Vampire series and read it...then reread it ..and read it again.

 I loved these books not just cause the stories for some reason spoke to me but also because they ignited in me the need to read more paranormal romance.  It was like going back to childhood and combining my love of romance and my love of fantasy.  It was shortly after this that I found Goodreads and a whole new world of books opened up ...oh yes and I bought an e reader .books at the click of a mouse. Suddenly I had hundreds of books at my finger tips not only with the online book stores but the local library had a fairly decent selection of eBooks  I figured I would never reread a book again.  I was wrong.  Certain series just call for a reread and when I hit a reading slump I still go back to my favorite series and  reread them find that I still adore them. Now that I have discovered audio-books I find I like to listen to books I have enjoyed as a read.  It is like reading them again for the first time.  I have listened to my darling Anita Blake and pined for Bones with my beloved Cat and loved them even more.

 I am currently listening to Love at Stake and once again am enjoying it actually even more than I did the read, the visuals my mind creates while listening is wonderful and I am finding more humor in the books than I did as a read.  So I have to confess I am a re-reader   Perhaps not to the extent as some of my GR friends but I know when I find a favorite I start looking for the Audio-book ..Are you a re-reader or are you on to the next book in a world of books at your finger tips?

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